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Summary 2012-1-4lC The section shows all the stratigraphy of the deposits inside the Plaza and some of the structures forming the Temple terrace. From the top we find the topsoil and then the thick natural accumulations, linked with the abandonment of the site, with many rodent [Input file: W104LC.J / W104LC.-J]

Analogical record
Locus/i within view 2012-1-4lC k3, k13, k106, k126, k127 [Input file: W104LC.J / W104LC.-J]
Orientation 2012-1-4lC looking east [Input file: W104LC.J / W104LC.-J]

Photo 2014-10-6 lC L_W23d0656
Notes on analogical record 2012-1-4lC This section does not use the same eastern section. Because the eastern section of k126 and k127 is about half a meter easter than east k3 and k13 section. This does not constitute a problem because there is not a big difference in the deposits inside the Plaza in the east-west direction. Moreover the high portion is about two meters high and does not include anything important (just very late natural accumulations and rodent holes). All the lower features are rapresented in the same surface. And there is much more difference in the North-South direction, because all the accumulations are sloping toward South. [Input file: W104LC.J / W104LC.-J]