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Label includes another 2009-9-13lC f288 [Input file: T913LC.J / T913LC.-J]
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Description 2009-9-13lC Big stone wall running West to East and bonded with wall f259 forming a big structure, likely linked with a Late Chalcolithic mound and plaza. The wall is built with irregular big sized stones, and pebbles to regularize its face. The lower courses are made of bigger stones, better set out in the ground. The wall is slightly inclined to the north and it is built of a single row of stones, probably as a retaining wall. It is about two meters in height, but we don't know how its original height was. Likely it was originally higher, as it shown by the many collapsed stones belonging to f336. The wall is poorly preserved to the west, in part probably for ancient episodes of collapse, in part for later ED III cuts that removed some of its stones. [Input file: T913LC.J / T913LC.-J]

Time sequencing
Other reasons 2012-10-15lC As for ^wal l3 the date is uncertain, first assigned to late Chalcolithic on the base of the few sherds found at the bottom of it, then has been suggested a Ninevite 5 date, on the basis of stratigraphic relationship with the nearby units. Following a conservative intepretation we assign it to phase 3f-JPD, waiting for new excavation for a final assignement. For a more detailed discussion see topic j01/texts/A2/topics/VZ30lc.htm">"LC or Ninevite structure?" [Input file: V928LC.J / V928LC.-J]