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category !! !! fill, dumping, collapse [Input File: !!]
definition (typological label) 2006-9-19 eI collapse [Input File: Q918eI2.j]
best image 2007-7-16 mO
[Input File: R716mO.j]

description (summary) 2006-8-12 vVE Aggregate a500 consists of several large boulders (f502, f503, f504, f505, f506, f507, f508, f509 and f510) and a pebble concentration (f511) that lie scattered in a natural accumulation. I consider it as a collapse coming from the second apron to the north of a500. [Input File: Q812vE2.j]
2006-9-19 eI collection of boulders and pebbles that over time rolled down from the 2nd apron [Input File: Q918eI2.j]

daily notes 2006-8-12 vVE The features that make up a500 had already been exposed in a previous campaign when this locus, J3 k1, was a locus of J2. These features were left standing and the deposits around and/or under it were excavated. I decided on the basis of the same depositional history for all these features and their close vicinity that these features constitute one aggregate, a500. [Input File: Q812vE2.j]
argument 2006-8-12 vVE The distribution of the cluster of stones of a500 is somewhat scattered and seems to slightly descend from the North to the South. These two observations seem to argue that they were dislodged from a stone structure that must have been laying to the north. This could only have been the second apron whose remaining top stones are already visible in k2 or, more precisely, in the older German trench in unit B6. However, the stones of a500 do not seem to lay on the same surface (no surface is in fact apparent) and this argues for the interpretation that the stones were deposited over time and not in a single event. [Input File: Q812vE2.j]

Spatial Aggregation
features within aggregate 2006-9-19 eI f501,f502,f503,f504,f505,f506,f507,f508,f511 [Input File: Q918eI2.j]


Analogical Record
view/drawing of aggregate

2007-11-01 / jW / [Input File:Ry01jW.j]

2007-11-01 / jW / [Input File:Ry01jW.j]

2007-11-01 / jW / [Input File:Ry01jW.j]

2007-11-01 / jW / [Input File:Ry01jW.j]

2006-8-20 / vE / [Input File:Ry01jW.j]

2006-8-20 / vE / [Input File:Ry01jW.j]

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