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category 2010-9-24 jW organic [Input File: U925jW1.j]
definition (typological label) 2010-9-24 jW human body [Input File: U925jW1.j]
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description (summary) 2010-9-24 jW a relatively complete skeleton was found buried in a shallow pit along the west baulk of k12. The pit cut, f365, was made into the lower levels of a bricky glacis, f351. It seems to have been doubly sealed by the crust of f351 (identified as a Late Chalcolithic depost) as well as a baqaya glacis, f50, above. An ashy fill, f364, surrounded the bottom and sides of the articulated body, which was oriented N-S on its back, the head turned to the left and the feet placed near the pelvis, with the femurs extending left perpendicular to the spine. The left humerus extended down from the clavicle, but we could not identify the lower arm, wrist and hand bones from the shattered remnants. The higher parts (right side of the head, lower leg and arm bones) were shattered, but the bones lower in the grave were well preserved. We were able to photograph them and removed them to the physical anthropology lab for analysis in a following season. Removed from the grave were burned seeds, charcoal, soil samples, small sherds, and the partial mandible of a grazing animal. [Input File: U925jW1.j]
field definition 2010-9-22 jW human body [Input File: Ux05jW3.j]
notes on field color 2010-9-22 jW human bones of an adult in burial a22 [Input File: Ux05jW3.j]

argument 2010-9-24 jW Several rough measurements were taken to estimate the stature, sex, and shape of the deceased:
the estimated height of 160 cm was measured from the top of the head, along the spine, around the pelvis, and along the leg bones;
the width and shape of the greater sciatic notch indicate it was a woman;
the excessive wear and poor condition of the three teeth recovered (canine, bicuspid, molar) indicate that she was relatively old.
[Input File: U925jW1.j]

Contact Association
type of contact: contemporary events/movable items 2010-9-22 jW i34 (human body) sits in f364 (fill) [Input File: Ux05jW3.j]

Spatial Aggregation
q-lot with which item is associated 2010-9-22 jW 433 [Input File: Ux05jW3.j]


Analogical Record
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