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description (summary) 2005-8-22 gM Originally planned as J04, but later incorporated into J03 [Input File: P823gM2.j]
best view 2020-7-27 jW [Input File: ZE727jW.j]

daily notes 2005-8-24 jW We continued to excavate the brown loess, f53, under the topsoil. Then, after the baulks were trimmed, we noticed a subtle color and texture change had occurred that may have marked an earlier transition to the next layer, a series of laminations, f56. [Input File: P824jW2.j]
2005-9-06 jW We began to cut and trim sections in preparation for final photographs and drawing. At gB's direction, we left the elevator and a small quantity of accumulation in the locus to possibly be used for a demonstration of the dirt removal process to attendees of the conference to outfit the new museum in Hassake. [Input File: P906jW.j]
2005-8-25 jW Photographed, v18, then removed the two large unfounded stones, f54, runnining E-W out of the middle of the E baulk. Continued to excavate the laminations, f56. [Input File: P825jW.j]
2005-8-27 jW We are concentrating on excavating the one-meter wide ledge along the S baulk to an elevation of 9000. This is the first of several steps down at two meter changes in elevation. We are excavating the ledge first so that we have a place to put the elevator. At the end of the day we were within 15cm of finishing. [Input File: P827jW.j]
2005-9-01 jW Continued to excavate the hard, gray natural accumulation, f63. Only two lots of pottery, q109 and q110, taken from the entire day's excavation. [Input File: P901jW.j]
2005-8-28 jW Continued to excavate the laminations, f56, which are becoming more densly packed, and therefore harder to pick. Reached an elevation of 9000 in f56 in the south quarter, the location of the first stepped baulk. It is approximately 2m below the surface. Installed elevator on the step to facilitate dirt removal. [Input File: P828jW.j]
2005-8-29 jW Continued to excavate the north three-quarters of the locus, removing the laminations, f56. Put all workmen in this locus to speed work, which is difficult due to the hard, dense nature of the laminations. [Input File: P829jW.j]
2005-8-31 jW Continued the removal of laminations, f56. We expect to reach a cement-like surface similar to k101f43 in the early pickruns today. This may help to explain the compaction of f56 which we are seeing. As expected, laminations blended into harder, grayer accumulation, designated f63. Took relays. [Input File: P831jW.j]
2005-9-03 jW Continued to excavate the cement-like accumulation, f63. The digging is slow because of a reduced crew and the difficulty in forcing the pick down through the accumulation. We are promised a jackhammer tomorrow, when we anticipate reducing the excavated area to the north half of the locus to speed our investigation of whether or not there are structures south of the wall in what is now and likely was in antiquity an open plaza. We recovered relatively little pottery and few artifacts from this accumulation today. [Input File: P903jW.j]
2005-9-04 jW Continued to excavate the hard, grayish brown accumulation, f63, by hand. After breakfast, we reached an elevation of 8700 in the northern three-quarters of the locus and measured for the second one-meter step to the north. Now we are excavating only the northern half of the locus. The quantity of pottery recovered increased significantly compared to the last few days, but still only amounted to two q-lots. [Input File: P904jW.j]
2005-9-11 jW Student Zuzan revised previous drawings of the north and east baulks of the locus. [Input File: P911jW.j]
strategy (projected or implemented) 2005-8-25 jW gB reminded us of the need to step in the S baulk of the locus as we proceeded down. This is accomplished by leaving one meter ledges that run E-W at elevations 9000, 8800, etc., which will then be cut back to produce a gradual slope to prevent the baulk collapses we see in other parts of the excavation. We are taking all elevations from marker m4118, whose elevation is 9189. As of breakfast, we need to excavate down another 88 cm before stepping the first ledge. [Input File: P825jW.j]
2005-9-01 jW gB and jW met and agreed to test the efficacy of using an electrically-powered jackhammer to speed the excavation of f63. They also agreed to reduce the excavation area to two square meters when the elevation of f63 reaches one meter below the first step to the south. [Input File: P901jW.j]
2005-9-04 jW gB notified jW that we will have a jackhammer on site tomorrow with an operator. He will be on-site both in the morning and afternoon and the staff will needed to supervise the work. We will use all available workmen during both sessions to break up the residue and remove the dirt from the locus. If work proceeds efficiently, we may be able to re-excavate the full set of steps to an elevation of 8400 in the next two days. [Input File: P904jW.j]

Volumetric Localization
space definition 2005-8-22 gM m4105 [Input File: P823gM2.j]
length of two sides 2005-8-22 gM 500 N [Input File: P823gM2.j]
2005-8-22 gM 500 E [Input File: P823gM2.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing of locus

2005-8-20 / jW / [Input File:P823gM5.j]

2005-8-22 / gM / [Input File:P823gM5.j]

2005-8-25 / rE / [Input File:P904gM5.j]

2005-8-25 / rE / [Input File:P904gM5.j]

2005-9-05 / gM / [Input File:P918jw2.j]

2005-9-15 / jW / [Input File:P918jw2.j]

2005-9-15 / jW / [Input File:P918jw2.j]

2005-9-15 / jW / [Input File:P918jw2.j]

2005-9-15 / jW / [Input File:P918jw2.j]

2005-9-15 / jW / [Input File:P918jw2.j]

2005-9-15 / jW / [Input File:P918jw2.j]

2005-9-15 / jW / [Input File:P918jw2.j]

2005-9-15 / jW / [Input File:P918jw2.j]

2006-2-12 / jW / [Input File:Q212jW.j]

2006-2-12 / jW / [Input File:Q212jW.j]
2006-5-03 / jW / [Input File:Q503jW.j]
2006-5-03 / jW / [Input File:Q503jW.j]
2006-5-03 / jW / [Input File:Q503jW.j]
2006-5-03 / jW / [Input File:Q503jW.j]
2006-5-03 / jW / [Input File:Q503jW.j]
2006-6-20 / jW / [Input File:Q620jW1.j]