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Processed on 3-13-2021
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definition (typological label) 2006-9-04 bL pottery [Input File: Qx02jW.j]
notes on designation 2010-8-22 mKB f224 [Input File: U830jW1.j]

quantity of components 2010-8-22 mKB 20 [Input File: U830jW1.j]

Volumetric Localization
origin of elevation 2006-9-04 bL m4434 [Input File: Qx02jW.j]
tie to elevation 2006-9-04 bL 154 [Input File: Qx02jW.j]
space definition 2006-9-04 bL r2025 [Input File: Qx02jW.j]
length of two sides 2006-9-04 bL 150 N [Input File: Qx02jW.j]
2006-9-04 bL 400 E [Input File: Qx02jW.j]
start elevation for q-lots 2006-9-04 bL 58 [Input File: Qx02jW.j]
relays (applicable to elements) 2006-9-04 bL 2025 (40162 48510 - 9129 / Relay location: SE corner) [Input File: QX06EI4R.J]

Contact Association
type of contact: contemporary events/movable items 2006-9-04 bL q284 (pottery) sits in f224 (layer) [Input File: Qx02jW.j]
sherds, bones and q-items within q-lot !! !! q284.1 [Input File: !!]

review of ceramics 2010-8-22 mKB 1 large flat work disk - taken for Sherd Library; 1 body with comb decoration, 1 stamp seal given for item number and processing [Input File: U830jW1.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing of lot
2007-3-21 / jW / [Input File:R321jW3.j]