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Processed on 4-20-2021
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Analogical Record
17-2-2021 / !!! / [Input File:J03_VWX.j]
photo of context (v view)
17-2-2021 / !!! / [Input File:J03_VWX.j]
view/drawing orientation 2006-8-19 vE looking southwest [Input File: Ry01jW.j]
text description of view 2006-8-19 vE Approximately five years ago, a German team from Tuebingen University excavated several trenches on the BA temple mound. Their purpose was to define extensive stonework which they had discovered by chance while determining the date for a series of houses which they had excavated well south of the BA temple. They did not backfill their trenches and some of the stonework deteriorated when the underpinning eroded. The trench in their unit B6 was incorporated into our unit J3 (initially designated as f545) and as we were cleaning and re-aligning it to our current grid we needed to identify which of the large limestone blocks laying along the southern border of the B6 trench were a part of the second apron, f532, and which were displaced from other locations higher in the mound. This photograph, when compared with a photo from the German excavations (view v514a) provides the basis to make that determination. One can see five stones which more than likely rolled out of position and two others which had been displaced before the Germans excavated the trench. [Input File: Ry01jW.j]
constituents within view/drawing 2006-8-19 vE f532 f545 k2 k107 [Input File: Ry01jW.j]