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Date Author Record
2008-08-17 jW A shafat to remove the dirt from baulk removal was installed along the north baulk of k34. [Input file: S817JW.j]
2008-08-19 jW For much of the day, the shafat was operating at less than full capacity because no trailer was available to carry away the dirt. Less efficient wheelbarrows were used instead. [Input file: S819JW.j]
2008-08-21 jW Moved the shafat to locus k32 to assist in removing the north and east baulks. [Input file: S821JW.j]
2009-07-21 jW All four pickmen complained that the trowels issued to them were ineffective for the work we were asking of them. Also, the bristles on the brushes are too worn to pick up the dirt. sE, tool co-ordinator, was notified. [Input file: T721JW.j]
2009-07-23 jW jW and fAB spoke about the sub-standard trowels. Some new ones will be issued. [Input file: T723JW.j]
2009-07-23 jW Upon inspection of the unit, we determined that a four-meter shafat would not be long enough to lift the excavated dirt to the surface. The six-meter unit was not ready to be installed. [Input file: T723JW.j]
2009-07-25 jW The long shafat was installed and began operating late in the day. It will ease the removal problem developing as we excavate far below the surface. After the shafat was installed we installed a safety fence around a previously excavated deep sounding to the south of k100. [Input file: T725JW.j]
2009-07-25 sE A shafat to remove the dirt from k105 and k106 was installed along the eastern baulk of k105. [Input file: T725SE.j]
2009-07-26 jW Distributed two new trowels to Ibrahim and Anwar. [Input file: T726JW.j]
2009-08-16 jW Shifted shafat from the baulk between k105 and k106 to a point about two meters to the west to facilitate removal of soil from the southeast corner of k105 where most of the heavy excavation was taking place. [Input file: T816JW.j]
2009-08-18 jW We suspended the use of the shafat because it was unstable on its perch when a workman sat on it to clear stones from the input tray. We then carried the rocky soil up to the surface using previously excavated "steps" and a ladder. [Input file: T818JW.j]