Unit Book J5

J5 Synthetic View / Typology / Objects

Glyptics from Unit J5

James L. Walker, mKb – June 2021, February 2016

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Items with Seal Impressions

There were remarkably few seal impressions recovered from J5. One q174.2 had wood impressions, one q379.1 was an impression in the Jemdat Nasr style on a potsherd, and one q484.1 (not fully analyzed) was found during final cleanup.




### The sealings as objects {#sealings TO="sealings"} q391.1 is a seal rolled on a sherd. Unfortunately the sherd is rather flat so the vessel shape cannot be determined. The interior of the sherd is blackened, probably with a thin coating of bitumen as we sometimes find on storage jars. q174.2 is a sealing possibly for a bag as there appears to be part of a peg impression. Not clear if it was ever sealed with a cylinder seal. q484.1 is a sealing, perhaps part of a jar sealing since there are string impressions on the reverse. ### Iconography {#iconography TO="sealings: iconography"} q391.1: geometric scene with possible human in the center. q484.1: hero holding two rampant animals. q174.2: never sealed? ### Style {#style TO="sealings: style"} q391.1: Piedmont Jemdat Nasr. This style was important in the Khabur region during the EDII period but survived into EDIII.

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