Unit Book J1

J1 Synthetical View / Stratigraphy

Strata sequence for Unit J1

Lorenzo Crescioli – April 2011
Caitlin Chaves Yates – June 2014

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The strata definition currently in use is labeled J1A, and was established in September 2009 and updated in October 2011. Previously the JPA sequence was used, established in August 2007. The J1A sequence refers to J1 and it is based on the J1 data. The current J1A sequence corrrelates to the JPD sequence for the overall JP area.

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The strata definition chart (J1A)

phase stratum sub-sr definition of stratum
     and of substratum
9p 10 Modern accumulations, backfill, current excavations
9m 20 Top soil
9c 50
8m 70 Scattered structures found on top of ancient tell surface
7v 120 EDIII wall o more visible, thick natural flat accumulations
122 Edge of terrace marked by stones and more natural accumulations
7s 130 (2nd apron?) and blocking of eastern starcaise
7m 146 Upper part of accumulations against the EDIII Revetment Wall, with wall still visible
7m 148 Construction of the western Mittani staircase
7f 174 Third curtain wall (bench) and lower accumulations against Revetment wall
176 Second Mittani pavement f232 and second Curtain wall
178 Accumulations between two main Mittani pavements
180 Costruction of water barrier f328
7c 190 First Mittani use of EDIII pavement on top of second escarpment and construction first curtain wall
;191 First thin Mittani abandonment accumulations
3u 610 Erosion surface of Second Escarpment
3s 620 Use of Second escarpment with construction of ^pav2
3p 630 Cut first escarpment and Construction Second Escarpment protecting the base of Revetment wall
3n 640a Short period of abandonment with natural accumulations and ashy debris
640b Quick and strong erosion of first escarpment
3m 650 Construction of EDIII First Escarpment and Rvetment Wall
651 Cut of the LC-Ninevite 5 mound to build Revetment Wall and First Escarpment, and first accumulations and stone collapse
3f 708 Later accumulations to the west of (LC)-Ninevite 5 structure
710 Damage to (LC)-Ninevite 5 structures with new accumulations
711 Use of (LC)-Ninevite 5 structures, with floors and thin accumulations
2m 850 Construction and use of (LC)-Ninevite 5 walls belonging to a possible Early Terrace
2i 870 Possible LC mud brick structures below the stone walls a8

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