Unit Book J4


Processed on 2023-11-19

Date Author Record
2006-08-21 sC Today I got two new workmen: Adel Abduraman (P) and Adel Hassu (P). Adel Abduraman will be working in k74, while Adel Hassu in k63. After breakfast Moammed Omo took two workmen (Akhmet Moammud and Ibrahim Hessu) since he need help in the house. Therefore, today I am not going to open k61, as planned. I will move Hussen Husseni and part of his team in k73 in order to help Masood Bijou and his team to temove the N baulk of k73. [Input: Q821SC.j]
2006-08-22 sC Hussen Husseni and his team will be working in this unit. After breakfast I moved here Adel and Akmet (from k74) in order to have 3 pick-men and 3 shovel-man. The goal is to reach by the end tomorrow the same elevation as in k81. We would like to take a general view of J4 on thursday early in the morning in order to have a general vire of the area at the same elevation of the second apron of J2. [Input: Q822SC.j]
2006-08-26 sC Today I got 6 new workmen: Hudur, Sipan Khellu, Raduan Moammed, Ibrahim Guma, Akran Guma, Musa Kalaf. [Input: Q826SC.j]
2006-09-03 sC Today Salah Sadi was present but worked all the day with the electrician. After breakfast I send a complete team of workmen (2P, 2S, 1W) to J03: they will be working there for the next two days. [Input: Q903SC.j]
2006-09-04 sC The team I send yesterday to J3 will be working there for the next two days; Salah Sadi was present but worked again all the day with the electrician. [Input: Q904SC.j]
2006-09-05 sC Today after breakfast I sent all the workmen to J3. I continued working in J4 with only one team. All the staff went home to do object description. [Input: Q905SC.j]
2006-09-09 sC Today was the last day of work for Hussein Husseni and Abdel Karim. Being asked for some workmen, I send one team (1P, 2S, 1W) to J1. [Input: Q909SC.j]
2006-09-10 sC Today Akhmet Mohammed Hussein was absent. I have been assigned a new workmen, Nadal (S). Before breakfast I have been asked for some workmen. I send one team (1P, 2S, 1W) to J1 before breakfast. From today rE will be working with us as part of J4 staff. [Input: Q910SC.j]