Unit Book J3

J3 Synthetic View/Typology/Objects

Figurines from Unit J3

James L. Walker – March 2021

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There were 37 objects classified as figurines recovered from J3 in three seasons of excavations representing 6% of the total objects. As far as can be determined, none were analyzed by the subject matter specialist, Rick Hauser. Many were damaged to the extent that identification could not be accurately made visually. (Nevertheless, the describers invariably attempted to do so.) None of the prescribed measurements (forequarters, mid-body, hindquarters) were routinely taken. Many were stored without being photographed or drawn. Most of the photographs did not reflect the prescribed views. (For a comprehensive analysis of these systemic shortcomings see the figurines section of unit J5, where the specialist reviewed the figurines recovered there.)

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Figurine Exemplars




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Description of figurines

Each figurine has been described.

These can be found by way of the index for figurines found under J3 tabulations.

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