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description (summary) 1999-7-22 gb Horseshoe wall of stone, possibly encircling a gate to the East [Input File: j718gb.J]
best view 2001-2-26 jl V13d1051 [Input File: M815jl.j]
2001-2-26 jl V13d1054 [Input File: M815jl.j]

daily notes 1999-7-22 lr fan-xi & Carol are sick- I am working with GB continuing digging k16, k18, k19 & resumed k17. [Input File: j718gb.J]
strategy (projected or implemented) 1999-7-22 gb We will move the current section to the West so as to have it run through the center of the U. [Input File: j718gb.J]
1999-7-22 gb It appears that we have a definite U-shaped gateway, filled with gully wash. We will leave a section moving EW along it's axis (which seems perfectly alined with the cardinal points), and we will expose the two passageways (E&W), trying to reach a floor level at the bottom. If it reaches the level of the base of the perimetral wall of AK, it would be standing up to almost four meters! We should be on the look out for steps (&door sockets?) [Input File: j718gb.J]

definition of process(es) 2000-7-04 gb Several possible processes are contemplated (see note H2 for description of characteristics that have led us to these possibilities). (1) The fissure reflects a lower structure, which caused settling. It is not clear then why the section does not allow a clear connection of layers on either side of the fissure. (2) A rodent may have opened a way through pre-existing deposition, but this would be possible only for part of what we observe, in particular the soft brown fill at elevation matching q397. (3) There may have been a wooden structure (or wood and matting) that disintegrated (e.g., a curtain wall). But there is no impression along the face of the fissure, nor is there any obvious remanent (though this may have fallen at the bottom). [Input File: K705jl.j]
evidence 2000-7-04 gb The fissure 321 has two clear faces and very soft dirt, the type found as a secondary fill (e.g., from rodent activity). One face shows scalloping in at least one place. The excavated portion of f303 in section shows a clear upper portion of the same element that corresponds to f321, but it slopes inward and it leans a smooth face on the convex face. Also, tho color appears to be different. Note that the fissure continues all around a33, along the face of the stones. We noted this from the beginning, but it is becoming more and more marked. [Input File: K705jl.j]

shape, form 1999-7-22 gb Horseshoe shape is definite, and seems to allow an opening of about 150cm to it's Eastern end. [Input File: j718gb.J]

Analogical Record
general notes on photos 1999-7-22 gb We will get a view of stones in k15,16,19 with section running through it's middle. purpose of section is to show gully wash material for top 2ms. of deposition within gate. [Input File: j718gb.J]