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Processed on 7-14-2022
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description (summary) 1999-7-20 fxx S of k16 [Input File: zg519ms.j]

daily notes 721 gb Only a small patch of red in SE corner (f221). otherwise, mostly a grey bricky mass. I removed N. baulk without drawing section: the profile is simple, a straight line sloping W from corner to corner, with only top soil. Removal of baulk will allow us to reach faster the curving line of stone in k16. [Input File: j718gb.J]

Volumetric Localization
notes on volumetric localization 1999-7-22 gb I decide to remove baulk without drawing it because it is indistinct and we are running out of time. We'll only draw the outer baulk of the equivalent of a 10 by 10 square (k15,16,18,19). The main reason is to obtain a view of "gate" a22 [Input File: j718gb.J]