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description (summary) This locus is in the western part of the trench dug in the south half of k29/k30 during the second half of season N. It is 75 centimeters wide from north to south, 1 meter east to west (measured from the western wall of the api) along its southern edge, and 138 centimeters east to west (also from the api wall) along the northern edge. [Input File: N824jl.j]
2003-8-11 jl trench in k27, western locus [Input File: N906jl.j]

strategy (projected or implemented) We laid out the trench following the line of the previous season's south baulk. In order to preserve the separation between the potentially contaminated and the presumably uncontaminated material, we divided the trench into three loci, k31, k32 and k33. k33 lay on the western end of the trench, mostly potentially contaminated material. We decided to excavate 50cm within the trench before turning back to the rest of the circle and excavating it also down to the level of the trench. [Input File: N824jl.j]
argument Because of the many fine layers of material within A12 this season, we had only excavated about twenty centimeters by N810. In order to excavate deeper in the limited time which remained in the season, we decided to dig a trench along the south side of k29/k30, the south side of which would follow the line of the previous southern section kept in past seasons. Such a trench would have three advantages: first, it would give us a physical section to draw, rather than the "virtual" section which we have been using up until now; second, it would allow us to dig down much more quickly, since we would be excavating in a much more limited area; third, we would be able to use the section within the trench as a guide for excavating within the rest of the circle, allowing us to dig more quickly in that regard as well. [Input File: N824jl.j]

Volumetric Localization
space definition 2003-8-11 jl 802 [Input File: N906jl.j]
length of two sides 2003-8-11 jl 138w [Input File: N906jl.j]
2003-8-11 jl 75s [Input File: N906jl.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing of locus

2003-8-29 / jl / [Input File:N920jl.j]

2003-8-28 / jl / [Input File:N920jl.j]
2004-6-02 / jl / [Input File:O602jl.j]

2003-9-11 / jl / [Input File:N920jl.j]

2003-9-11 / jl / [Input File:N920jl.j]