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Processed on 7-14-2022
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category !! !! clay artifact [Input File: !!]
definition (typological label) 2000-7-08 lr seal impression [Input File: K730jl1.j]
2000-8-04 sb [Input File: K804sb.j]

description (summary) 2000-7-08 lr seal impression with string or rope impressions on one surface and ^si on other side [Input File: K730jl1.j]
2000-7-30 mkb oval shaped object with flat bottom and rounded upper surface, basket impression on the bottom [Input File: K730mkb.j]
reference to q-lot (for component) !! !! 615 [Input File: !!]
field definition 2000-7-10 jl sealing [Input File: K710jl2.j]
field height 2000-7-10 jl 1.2 [Input File: K710jl2.j]
field length 2000-7-10 jl 3.8 [Input File: K710jl2.j]
field width 1 2000-7-10 jl 2.3 [Input File: K710jl2.j]
field ware or material 2000-7-10 jl cl [Input File: K710jl2.j]
field notes 2000-7-10 jl ^sl with rope impression [Input File: K710jl2.j]

Contact Association
type of contact: contemporary events/movable items 2000-7-30 mkb q615.1 (seal impression) sits in f320 (accumulation C) [Input File: K730mkb.j]

length 2000-7-08 lr 3.8 [Input File: K730jl1.j]
2000-7-30 mkb 1.7 [Input File: K730mkb.j]
width 1 or diameter of rim 2000-7-08 lr 2.3 [Input File: K730jl1.j]
2000-7-30 mkb 3.5 [Input File: K730mkb.j]
notes on measurement 2000-7-30 mkb measured with flat portion on the base [Input File: K730mkb.j]

iconographic description: specific (scene) 2000-7-30 mkb crouching lion with open mouth facing a crouching monkey? both of these animals are placed above a bull with horns visible; in the fold the body and head? of another animal [Input File: K730mkb.j]
iconographic description 2000-7-30 mkb fight over a dead animal? [Input File: K730mkb.j]
ware or material 2000-7-30 mkb medium gray with some inclusions, secondarily fired [Input File: K730mkb.j]
2000-8-04 sb clay [Input File: K804sb.j]
color 2000-7-30 mkb gray [Input File: K730mkb.j]
color number (Munsell) 2000-7-30 mkb 10YR 5/1 [Input File: K730mkb.j]
notes on typology 2000-7-30 mkb clay had been sealed previously and folded over while still wet to take a new sealing; in the fold is a trace of the first seal impression [Input File: K730mkb.j]

procedures employed 2000-8-04 sb cleaned [Input File: K804sb.j]

Analogical Record
photo of indiv. elements (studio)
08-5-2022 / !!! / [Input File:A12_VWX.j]
08-5-2022 / !!! / [Input File:A12_VWX.j]
08-5-2022 / !!! / [Input File:A12_VWX.j]
08-5-2022 / !!! / [Input File:A12_VWX.j]

notes on disposition 2000-7-08 lr to mkb [Input File: K730jl1.j]