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description (summary) 2002-9-18 jl This view, like v201, shows f391, the second patch of burnt material found in the k26 south section. The function of these two pieces of wood is unknown. It also shows the white layer of (presumably) decayed plant material right next to it, the first of these layers observed in the section. We had discovered them at approximately this elevation two seasons ago, but this was the first which we had discovered since then. [Input File: M918jl.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing orientation 2002-9-11 ms looking east [Input File: M914ms.j]
text description of view 2002-9-11 ms carbon, phytolith [Input File: M914ms.j]
constituents within view/drawing 2002-9-11 ms a32 f338 f344 f345 f348 f349 f388 f391 k26 [Input File: M914ms.j]