Unit Book A16
A16 Synthetic View / Stratigraphy

Phase 4cAAH within unit A16

Giorgio Buccellati – November 2006

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Current version

     This page was previously labeled Phase 1AAC and was attributed according the AAC strata sequence. In June 2016, C. Chaves Yates revised all strata and phase information to match the updated AAH strata sequence. This page is current as of June 2016.

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We did not reach any levels that could properly be attributed to Phase 4c or earlier. However, the pits dug in later phases reached beneath the level of the courtyard, and exposed earlier strata, which are now visible only in the very limited sections exposed by the bottom of these pits. See in particular pit a22 (presumably cut in phase 5), and a28, a cluster of pits dug either in phase 5 or phase 6.

The baked bricks showing below some of these later intrusions (a24 and in the section of f216, may potentially belong to phase 4c, but are more likely to constitute a substructure (such as a tank) built at the same time as the stone courtyard.

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It is especially in some of the sealings that one may recognize, typologically, EDIII or early Akkadian traits. It may be assumed that they were brought up from the earlier strata when the pits broke the seal created by the courtyard pavement.

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