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category !! !! installation [Input File: !!]
definition (typological label) 2010-9-19 lC wall [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]
best image !! !!
[Input File: !!]

description (summary) 2010-9-20 yM It is a vertical mud brick wall located in the north east corner of k25. The uncovered part of this wall consist of two rows of bricks that are slightly damaged. [Input File: U912yM.j]

Volumetric Localization
m#/elev @top 2010-9-19 lC m4736 [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]
height @top 2010-9-19 lC 76 [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]
h-eye @top 2010-9-19 lC 164 [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]

Contact Association
type of contact: latest events 2010-9-29 lC f175 (layer) covers f187 (wall) [Input File: U929lC2.j]
2010-9-29 lC f184 (brickfall) abuts f187 (wall) [Input File: U929lC2.j]
2010-9-29 lC f187 (wall) rests on f190 (pavement, type b) [Input File: U929lC2.j]
2010-9-29 lC f196 (brickfall) abuts f187 (wall) [Input File: U929lC2.j]

Time Sequencing

color 2010-9-19 lC pale brown [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]
color number (Munsell) 2010-9-19 lC 10/YR 6/3 [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]
hardness, compaction 2010-9-19 lC >4.5 [Input File: ZE722aMA.j]

Analogical Record
view/drawing of features

2010-9-22 / yM / [Input File:ZE819yG.j]