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photo of view (for views only) 2008-8-28 dm [Input File: A20VK9c.J]
photo web 2008-8-28 dm [Input File: A20VK9c.J]

Analogical Record
17-7-2020 / !!! / [Input File:A20_VWX.j]
2008-9-18 / !! / [Input File:TMPL-S9i.J]
photo of context (v view)
17-7-2020 / !!! / [Input File:A20_VWX.j]
view/drawing orientation 2008-8-28 lC looking south [Input File: S909lC2.j]
text description of view 2008-8-28 lC View showing the relationship between the pavement f132 of a6 and the pavement f108 much lower than the first one. The a6 is constituted of the stone pavement, the clay layer f150 and it is closed by the walls f92, f127 and f152. This view shows one of the question still open, if the two pavement f132 and f108 are contemporary, assuming so a stepped organization of the structures. The view also shows the walls f84 and f85 that could be part of the lower level of the structures but also of the upper one. [Input File: S909lC2.j]
constituents within view/drawing 2008-8-28 lC a6 f63 f84 f85 f86 f92 f97 f108 f109 f110 f111 f115 f116 f125 f127 f132 f138 f150 f152 k14 k15 k101 [Input File: S909lC2.j]