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Processed on 08-26-2016
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Label is included in another 2009-9-19lC ^acc1 [Input file: T919LC.J / T919LC.-J]
Category 2005-8-17!! build-up [Input file: P907MS1.J / P907MS1.-J]
Definition 2005-8-17vS accumulation D [Input file: P907MS1.J / P907MS1.-J]
Summary 2007-7-26mS soft accumulation under f151 in k23 [Input file: R726CC.J / R726CC.-J]

Description 2006-10-4lC Soft accumulation below the multy layered accumulation. According to the specialist kD seems to be a windborne sediment. [Input file: V114LC.J / V114LC.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2005-8-17vS k23 [Input file: P907MS1.J / P907MS1.-J]
Elevation 2005-8-17vS 8875 @top [Input file: P907MS1.J / P907MS1.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Contemporary events/Movable items 2005-8-17vS q398 sits in f162 [Input file: P821CVP.J / P821CVP.-J]
2005-8-17vS q405 sits in f162 [Input file: P821CVP.J / P821CVP.-J]
2005-8-18pC q408 sits in f162 [Input file: P821CVP.J / P821CVP.-J]
Inclusions 08-26-2016 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2011-2-10lC s174J1A [Input file: V211LC.J / V211LC.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2011-2-10lC h7fJ1A [Input file: V211LC.J / V211LC.-J]
Stratigraphic reasons 2006-10-5mS this soft brown accumulation is below the heavy sherd, pebble layer and is fairly clean and according to kD most likely windborne sediment. This accumulation, with various feature numbers, spreads across J1 in front of the wall and, as f184, is associated with the Mitanni wall a7 which we consider part of the lower accumulation against the wall, stratum 14. [Input file: QX04MS.J / QX04MS.-J]
Typological reasons 2006-10-5mS very distinctive, decorated Mitanni pottery is found in this accumulation. [Input file: QX04MS.J / QX04MS.-J]
Other reasons 2006-10-5mS Based on our assumption that the wall a7 is the lower accumulation agains the wall, this associated accumulation is also part of the lower buildup. [Input file: QX04MS.J / QX04MS.-J]

Color definition 2006-10-4lC brown [Input file: V114LC.J / V114LC.-J]
Hardness 2005-8-17vS brown soil under the gray layer [Input file: P907MS1.J / P907MS1.-J]
2006-10-4lC soft [Input file: V114LC.J / V114LC.-J]
Texture 2006-10-4lC sandy [Input file: V114LC.J / V114LC.-J]