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Category 2005-9-3!! build-up [Input file: P907MS1.J / P907MS1.-J]
Definition 2005-9-3vS accumulation D [Input file: P907MS1.J / P907MS1.-J]
Summary 2007-7-26mS part of the lower accumulation against the wall in k110 [Input file: R726CC.J / R726CC.-J]
Best image 2006-10-7 mS


Description 2005-9-3mS dense bricky clay, brown in color and with many inclusions of charcoal and white material. Called bekiyah by fAB and gB. This may equal f98 of MZ16. May be related to f156 and f158 the packing of the wall f72. In MZ16 this material was considered brick melt or perhaps it fell here rather than being placed here intentionally. [Input file: P903MS.J / P903MS.-J]
2005-9-4mS this feature is a dense brown accumulation which corresponds to f98 of MZ16. Then it was considered brick melt from above and might be more of an accumulation than a specific packing placed here for a building purpose. [Input file: P904MS.J / P904MS.-J]

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Evolution 2006-10-4lC After three more excavation season we can assume more surely that this bricky material, like f98 and perhaps f193 (more pottery analysis is required)belong to the filling of the second escarpment that probably was covering at least half of the height of the wall. [Input file: V114LC.J / V114LC.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2005-9-3vS k110 [Input file: P907MS1.J / P907MS1.-J]
Relays 2005-9-3vS 341 (41082 47514 - 8806 / Relay location: 1) [Input file: P903MS-R.J / P903MS-R.-J]
2005-9-3vS 342 (40980 47462 - 8806 / Relay location: 2) [Input file: P903MS-R.J / P903MS-R.-J]
2005-9-3vS 343 (41061 47350 - 8806 / Relay location: 3) [Input file: P903MS-R.J / P903MS-R.-J]
Elevation 2005-9-3vS 8806 @top [Input file: P907MS1.J / P907MS1.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Latest events 2005-9-3mS f193 (lense A) covers f192 [Input file: P903MS.J / P903MS.-J]
Type of contact: Contemporary events/Movable items 2005-9-3vS q527 sits in f192 [Input file: U812MS1.J / U812MS1.-J]
2005-9-4vS q534 sits in f192 [Input file: U812MS1.J / U812MS1.-J]
2005-9-4vS q535 sits in f192 [Input file: U812MS1.J / U812MS1.-J]
Type of contact: Latest events 2005-9-4mS f188 (wall) abuts f192 [Input file: P904MS.J / P904MS.-J]
Inclusions 08-26-2016 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2011-2-10lC s630J1A [Input file: V211LC.J / V211LC.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2011-2-10lC h3pJ1A [Input file: V211LC.J / V211LC.-J]
Stratigraphic reasons 2006-10-7mS this packing is thought to be laid down at the time of the wall construction and is assigned to phase 1. [Input file: QX06MS1.J / QX06MS1.-J]
Other reasons 2006-10-4lC Both for stratigraphic and pottery analysis reason we can date this level to the EDIII during the construction of the ^es c2. [Input file: V114LC.J / V114LC.-J]
2006-10-7mS As more of this area is excavated in MZ20, this designation may change to later. [Input file: QX06MS1.J / QX06MS1.-J]

Color definition 2005-9-3vS strong brown [Input file: P907MS1.J / P907MS1.-J]
Color number 2005-9-3vS 7.5YR5/8 [Input file: P907MS1.J / P907MS1.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of view