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Processed on 08-26-2016
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Category 2008-7-20!! specimen [Input file: S712MM.J / S712MM.-J]
Definition 2008-7-20mM bone artifact [Input file: S712MM.J / S712MM.-J]
Best image
Best Image 2011-7-11lc
L_V21d3558 J1i50 S806 dM f235.jpg

Description 2008-7-20mM horn of an animal, a small piece of the upper part and some portion of the lower part is missing [Input file: S712MM.J / S712MM.-J]

Field Record
Field: definition 2008-7-20mM b [Input file: U815MM.J / U815MM.-J]
Field: ware/material 2008-7-20mM b [Input file: U815MM.J / U815MM.-J]
Field: shape 2008-7-20mM oval [Input file: U815MM.J / U815MM.-J]
Field: color 2008-7-20mM brown [Input file: U815MM.J / U815MM.-J]
Field: notes 2008-7-20mM horn [Input file: U815MM.J / U815MM.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2008-7-20mM k122 [Input file: U815MM.J / U815MM.-J]
Relays 2008-7-20lW 768 (40410 47201 - 8704 / Relay location: Center of object) [Input file: S721LW3R.J / S721LW3R.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Earliest events 2008-7-20mM i50 sits in f235 (accumulation B) [Input file: U815MM.J / U815MM.-J]

Spatial aggregation
Nature 2008-7-20mM associated q-lot: 1070 [Input file: U815MM.J / U815MM.-J]

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2006-8-26!! s178J1A [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2006-8-26!! h7fJ1A [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]

Height 2008-7-20mM 2.87 [Input file: S712MM.J / S712MM.-J]
Length 2008-7-20mM 10.54 [Input file: S712MM.J / S712MM.-J]
Top width 2008-7-20mM 1.85 [Input file: S712MM.J / S712MM.-J]

Ware/Material 2008-7-20mM ~b [Input file: S712MM.J / S712MM.-J]
Shape or form 2008-7-20mM ~curved triangle [Input file: S712MM.J / S712MM.-J]
Color definition 2008-7-20mM brown [Input file: S712MM.J / S712MM.-J]
Condition 2008-7-20mM fragmented [Input file: S712MM.J / S712MM.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of constituent


S806 dM


S806 dM


S806 dM