Unit Book J1


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Roster Date Author Record
Best image 2010-08-07 lC [Input: U807LC1.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2005-08-02 vS excavation unit [Input: P807VS.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2005-08-03 cVP We begin to dig today the natural accumulation under topsoil, the new feature f145. All the surface, 4 x 4 m, have the same sediment and nothing more. [Input: P802CVP.j]
2005-08-05 cVP We measure the area that needs to be excavated, drawing a line parallel to the N baulk, 3.6 m from the S section of k106. As we have already dug some 70 cm from the surface, we have still 1.30 cm to go down in order to reach the bottom of the first step. When we reach the 2 m deep here we will move the team to the other squares to dig the first step there, and so on. [Input: P802CVP.j]
2005-08-07 cvp idem [Input: P802CVP.j]
2005-08-08 cVP We are still digging the first step. At the beginning of the morning we were at 130 cm from the surface. At the end of the morning they are at a similar level than in k106, and in the NW corner we seem to find the beginning of the new feature found in k106. There is still some earth to dig there. [Input: P802CVP.j]
2005-08-09 cVP After cleaning some cms of earth we arrive at the floor level of the new feature, that we were waiting because we have already found it in the next square k106. We make photo (v67) and dig again. We were at 150 cms from the surface. jE and vS draw the E section of the square (photo v68 + v68a). Same consistency as in k106. It seems to be the same floor as in k32 but, as we have no real connection, we give it a new feature number. As we dig that feature we begin to find a lot of fragments of bases of Mitanni goblets. [Input: P802CVP.j]
2005-08-10 cvp At first hour in the morning we have still some 30 cm to dig from the first step, but we found the end of the first step at the end of the morning. We cleaned and photographed that state (v70). Just in that elevation, 2 m from the surface, there are some small and middle sized stones. Even if they seem to be floating and don't seem to have any regular pattern, we consider them as components of that feature and gave them component numbers. The two big ones would be c1 (W) and c2 (E), and two groups of two small stones, c3 and c4 (see sketch J01sk25). On the stone we are going to write Unit, feature number and component number, and keep them on separate area. [Input: P810CVP.j]
2005-08-11 cVP We took another photo, with a different angle than the one taken yesterday (v70a) before beginning to dig. Then we proceeded to label the two stones already floating, and to move them to the "official" pile of stones. Then the team begins removing part of the N baulk. We stopped to excavate the baulk more or less at the end of the previously drawn section. We have to wait until k106 is excavated at least another 150 cm to get another section to draw. Meanwhile, as the space inside k13 to dig now would be the second step, and therefore too little for the team to work there, we moved the team to k24. [Input: P810CVP.j]
2005-08-18 cvp After drawing and photograph the section (S section of k106, see v87), we remove the rest of the N baulk. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-20 cvp We put the string at 250 cms from the N border of the square and from there they begin to dig the second step, another two meters, until 8800. We are still in f152 and, as it happens already in k106, we are having in this feature and at this level a great amount of pottery. We are not letting the N section as all that remains has already been drawn. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-22 cvp Here we are still digging the second step, feature f152, that still produce a great amount of pottery. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-23 cvp We have dug here f152 of the second step until we reached the level of the Column. A lot of pottery, as always. Then we have stopped and the team has been put to work in the Column itself. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-28 mS Contnued going down here with no change in accumulation. [Input: P828MS1.j]
2006-08-21 cvp Here we have the first 'false' step of the MZ18 amphitheatre, so we are going to dig it until 9000 elevation (1st step). Then, in this locus we have not topsoil and we dig directly the accumulation under topsoil, keeping the same feature number of last year, f145. [Input: Q817CVP.j]
2006-08-30 mS cutting back and still in f203, the hard soil with pebbles, sherds, roots, and some ash. [Input: Q824MS.j]
2006-08-31 mS Have almost reached the end of this excavation and will cut back to the west a little to even up with last year's excavation lines. [Input: Q824MS.j]
2006-09-02 mS Ceased excavation here as we have evened out the area. [Input: Q902MS.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 2005-08-02 cVP f144 (topsoil) [Input: P907MS1.j]
2005-08-04 jE f145 (accumulation D) [Input: P907MS1.j]
2005-08-06 vS f152 (accumulation D) [Input: P907MS1.j]
2005-08-09 jE f154 (accumulation) [Input: P907MS1.j]
2005-08-09 vS i15 (pin) [Input: P814JE2.j]
2005-08-20 pc i19 (bead) [Input: QX01MS.j]
2006-08-21 lH i34 (horseshoe) [Input: Q926HQ.j]
2005-09-07 pC q348.1 (laf) [Input: U812MM.j]
2006-10-02 lC q1014.1 (lithic artifact) [Input: QX04LC2.j]
2005-08-02 cVP q295 (pottery) [Input: U817LH12.j]
2005-08-03 je q298 (pottery), q300 (pottery) [Input: U817LH12.j]
2005-08-04 JE q304 (items, pottery) [Input: U817LH12.j]
2005-08-04 jE q311 (pottery) [Input: P808JE1.j]
2005-08-06 vS q317 (items, pottery) [Input: P808JE1.j]
2005-08-07 jE q324 (pottery) [Input: P808JE1.j]
2005-08-07 cVP q332 (pottery) [Input: P809VS.j]
2005-08-08 pC q333 (pottery) [Input: P809VS.j]
2005-08-09 vS q341 (pottery) [Input: P814JE3.j]
2005-08-10 pC q350 (pottery), q353 (bones, pottery) [Input: P814JE3.j]
2005-08-11 jE q358 (pottery) [Input: P814JE3.j]
2005-08-18 vS q412 (pottery) [Input: P821CVP.j]
2005-08-18 jE q413 (pottery) [Input: P821CVP.j]
2005-08-20 vS q419 (pottery), q421 (pottery), q423 (pottery) [Input: P821CVP.j]
2005-08-20 pC q430 (pottery) [Input: P821CVP.j]
2005-08-20 jE q431 (pottery) [Input: P821CVP.j]
2005-08-20 pC q432 (pottery), q433 (pottery) [Input: P821CVP.j]
2005-08-22 vS q434 (bones, pottery) [Input: P905MS2.j]
2005-08-22 pC q437 (pottery), q438 (bones, pottery), q441 (pottery) [Input: P905MS2.j]
2005-08-22 mS q443 (pottery), q446 (pottery), q447 (pottery) [Input: P905MS2.j]
2005-08-23 vS q449 (pottery), q452 (pottery) [Input: P905MS2.j]
2005-08-28 pC q490 (pottery) [Input: U812LH1.j]
2006-08-21 lc q605 (items, pottery) [Input: U817LC.j]
2006-08-22 lc q612 (pottery) [Input: U817LC.j]
2006-08-23 ml q625 (pottery) [Input: Q903MS1.j]
2006-08-24 lc q637 (pottery), q641 (items, pottery) [Input: Q903MS1.j]
2006-08-30 hQ q681 (bones, pottery), q685 (pottery), q686 (items, pottery) [Input: Q903MS1.j]
2006-08-30 ml q687 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: Q903MS1.j]
2006-08-30 lc q690 (pottery) [Input: Q903MS1.j]
2006-08-31 lH q692 (bones, items, pottery), q696 (bones, pottery) [Input: Q909DC.j]
2006-08-31 mL q698 (pottery), q699 (bones, pottery) [Input: Q909DC.j]
2006-09-02 hQ q705 (pottery) [Input: Q909DC.j]
2006-09-09 lC q745 (bones, pottery) [Input: Q919DC2.j]
2006-09-09 mL q748 (pottery) [Input: Q919DC2.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 2005-08-09 vS r212 (40814 47148 - 9110 / Relay location: N point) [Input: P809VS1R.j]
2005-08-09 vS r213 (40706 47169 - 9127 / Relay location: S point) [Input: P809VS1R.j]
2006-08-30 mL r449 (40565 46505 - 8992 / Relay location: center) [Input: Q902MS-R.j]
Extension of locus or q-lot 2005-08-02 vS m3960 [Input: P807VS.j]
Length of two sides 2005-08-02 vS 400e [Input: P807VS.j]
2005-08-02 vS 400n [Input: P807VS.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of locus

2005-08-03 cVP [Input: P813JE.j]

2005-08-03 cVP [Input: P813JE.j]

2005-08-07 cVP [Input: P813JE.j]

2005-08-09 cVP [Input: P813JE.j]

2005-08-09 cVP [Input: P813JE.j]

2005-08-09 cVP [Input: P813JE.j]

2005-08-10 cVP [Input: P813JE.j]

2005-08-11 cVP [Input: P813JE.j]

2005-09-01 vS [Input: P903MS1.j]

2005-09-01 vS [Input: P903MS1.j]

2005-09-01 vS [Input: P903MS1.j]

2005-09-01 vS [Input: P903MS1.j]

2005-09-05 vS [Input: R310MS.j]

2006-08-14 cvp [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-17 cVP [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-17 cVP [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-17 cVP [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-17 cVP [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-17 cVP [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-17 cVP [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2007-07-27 ms [Input: R727MS1.j]

2007-07-27 ms [Input: R727MS1.j]