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Description 2008-7-24lW we assigned a new locus to the baulk of the stairs and the width [Input file: S807MM2.J / S807MM2.-J]

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Daily 2008-7-28lW We consider the east step and under the cement staircase a new locus k124. We started removing f237 which was assigned from last season. Under this feature we found the continuation of f238 which is sloping sharply to the south west. In the north east part of k124 we found a new feature floor... [Input file: S720LW1.J / S720LW1.-J]
2008-7-28rE today we finished removing f235 and f237 which is under f235. Under f237 we found f257 which is sandy compacted texture, consist of few shardes of pottery, bones and very small pebbles, and it's located in the north part of k124. So we took a picture for it, and tomorrow morning we are going to remove it to uncover f238 which covers the whole area, then take a good picture. F257 is maybe assigned from last season but we are not sure now about its number. [Input file: S720RE.J / S720RE.-J]

Volumetric localization
Space definition 2008-7-24lW m4757 [Input file: S807MM2.J / S807MM2.-J]
Size of sides 2008-7-24lW 470 cms South, 212 cms East [Input file: S807MM2.J / S807MM2.-J]

Analogical record
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Photo of view


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