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Description 2009-7-25lH This plot shows all the loci of J1 at the beginning of MZ18. k7, k9 and k11 are all from the grid laid out in MZ16. The other loci, with a different orientation are from MZ18 which aligned the loci to match the sitewide grid. k106 is a locus which is described as a typological column which is excavated to a certain level matching the digging metholology laid out for this area. [Input file: R725LH.J / R725LH.-J]

Analogical record
O7.Plot P809 ms

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Locus/i within view 2007-7-27mS k7, k9, k11, k12, k13, k14, k22, k24, k106 [Input file: R727MS1.J / R727MS1.-J]