Unit Book J1


Processed on 2023-12-09


Roster Date Author Record
Best image 2010-08-07 lC [Input: U807LC1.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Notes on labeling 2005-08-24 cvp From today we are going to abandon the designation of this locus as k12, and we are going to begin to use the new label k108. This is because in this square we have reached the level left in the neighbor k13 and, seeing that the surface left in k12 to dig is going to get too small to work inside, by fAB's counsel we decide to create a new locus. This new locus will include the surface yet to excavate in k12 and k13. We can dig both together because the features are the same layer, with the same elevation, and they are in contact. Also we were not separating the old loci with a baulk, as there was no room for it in k12. Then we are going to use f152, the name of the feature in k13, the biggest area, to designate that layer in the new locus. f178 in k12 will not be used anymore, as is equated with f152. f178 =l f152 [Input: P817CVP.j]


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Description (summary) 2006-08-12 cvp Square already partly opened last year. To dig the rest of the locus we decided to change the name and give it a new locus number, k112. [Input: Q812CVP.j]



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Daily notes about recovery of elements 2005-08-20 cvp We open today that locus, where the steps are going to run diagonally. We dig the topsoil (f174) and the accumulation below (f175) [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-22 cvp We are digging the first step, feature f175, but we stop eventually to put the team to remove the "buttress". [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-23 cvp We are digging the first step, feature f175, the topsoil. They stop a while to dig the area to relocate the Elevatore. Also we begin to dig the accumulation under the topsoil, f178 called here. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-08-24 cvp Photo to record the nothingness (v91) in the first step, f178. We were digging the accumulation under the topsoil (f175), and then f178 with its interface f177. Due to a cumulus of unfortunate circumstances (vS is sick at home, we were having the meeting with gB about the strata, then cVP was momentarily in her computer room), we missed the beginning of the second step in k12. As a result, the second step in this square will be some 15 cms lower than the beginning of the 2nd step in the other loci. We will consult fAB in the future to see what to do to minimize the damage. Another fact that we discovered when putting the strings for the steps in the "corners", is that the width of the steps here are not 1 m but some 80 cms. Checking the sketch we have seen that this difference must be due to the fact that the steps in the regular squares just contemplate the 4x4 m, not the baulks, while the oblique steps include the baulk. The result is having steps longer at the beginning but thinner. [Input: P817CVP.j]
2005-09-01 mS cut back the oblique baulk in the NE corner. Started 40cm back from the edge and sloped it down 2m to the first step. It looks very good. [Input: P901MS.j]
2006-08-29 mS Examined further f203 and whether it is a surface or just accumulation from runoff. It is indeed just natural accumulations rather than a surface. We ceased excavations here for the moment. We will cut back to the south about a meter from last season's step to allow for a better view of the wall. [Input: Q824MS.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 2005-08-19 vS f174 (topsoil), f175 (accumulation D) [Input: P907MS1.j]
2005-08-23 vS f177 (accumulation D), f178 (accumulation D) [Input: P907MS1.j]
2005-08-22 vS i20 (bead) [Input: QX01MS.j]
2005-08-15 pC q390.2 (laf) [Input: U812MM.j]
2009-07-23 aGA q1220.1 (ta-o) [Input: T729MM2.j]
2005-08-20 pC q426 (pottery), q428 (pottery) [Input: P821CVP.j]
2005-08-22 vS q435 (pottery) [Input: P905MS2.j]
2005-08-23 vS q450 (pottery) [Input: P905MS2.j]
2005-08-23 pC q457 (pottery) [Input: P905MS2.j]
2005-08-24 pC q460 (pottery), q462 (pottery), q465 (pottery), q466 (pottery) [Input: P905MS2.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 2006-10-03 mS r646 (40444 46654 - 8825 / Relay location: sk97.5) [Input: QX03MS-R.j]


Analogical Record

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View/drawing of locus

2006-08-14 cvp [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-14 cvp [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-17 cVP [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2007-07-27 ms [Input: R727MS1.j]

2007-07-27 ms [Input: R727MS1.j]

2007-07-27 ms [Input: R727MS1.j]