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Description 2009-7-25lH i20, i21, i22, i23, i24, and i25 are several items that were found throughout k12, k106 and k108. These were all in hard, compacted soil with various feature numbers in the different loci. [Input file: R725LH.J / R725LH.-J]
2009-7-25lH random stones of f165 and f167 perpendicular to the Terrace Wall, f72, and f185, more parallel random stone. f186 is a pit in the s baulk of k106. i26 is a nice figurine and i27 is gold foil. Nicer quality items, yet still found in random accumulation not associated with any other features. [Input file: R725LH.J / R725LH.-J]

Analogical record
O7.Plot P830 mS

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Feature(s)within view 2007-7-27mS f72, f165, f167, f185, f186 [Input file: R727MS1.J / R727MS1.-J]
Item(s) within view 2007-7-27mS i26, i27 [Input file: R727MS1.J / R727MS1.-J]
Locus/i within view 2007-7-27mS k109, k110 [Input file: R727MS1.J / R727MS1.-J]