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Analogical record
Feature(s)within view 2009-9-1lC f370, f371, f372, f376 [Input file: T902LC.J / T902LC.-J]
Locus/i within view 2009-9-1lC k132 [Input file: T902LC.J / T902LC.-J]
Range 2009-9-1lC tight shot [Input file: T902LC.J / T902LC.-J]
Orientation 2009-9-1lC ~NE [Input file: T902LC.J / T902LC.-J]
Description of view 2009-9-1lC This view shows the stones f372.1 f372.2 and f372.3 lying vertically on their narrow side, almost at the same distance one from the other. They probably belong to some sort of installation linked with the structures to the west. Between the two western blocks, two big floating stones f37 were exposed belowe the topsoil. [Input file: T902LC.J / T902LC.-J]

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Photo 2009-9-1 dM L_V22d1227