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Label is included in another 2009-9-19lC ^str1 [Input file: T919LC.J / T919LC.-J]
Category 2009-8-13!! unknown [Input file: T815LC.J / T815LC.-J]
Definition 2009-8-13lC ~Stone structure [Input file: T815LC.J / T815LC.-J]
Best image 2010-8-10 lC


Description 2009-8-13lC Some kind of structure constituted of two big stone walls f259 and f288 dating to Late Chalcolithic period. Wall f259 is running north to south and it is bonded with wall f288. Both the walls are damaged either by natural water erosion or by later human cuts. The function of the structure forming a sort of L, is not clear yet. It could be part of a structure linked to a Late Chalcolithic mound, as boundary for the plaza to the east, but also used to divert waters coming from the west, and surrounding the mound. It is not excluded that this structure could be part of a public or private building, but further excavations are required because this year we won't have time to expose it in its entirety. [Input file: T815LC.J / T815LC.-J]

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Argument 2009-8-19lC The function of this structure is not clear yet. It has a L shape and a this level of excavation we don't know how much the wall f288 is continuing to the east. Moreover it is likely that the wall f259 is also continuing toward south, perhaps at a lower level and further excavation is required. First of all the two walls, even being bonded, could have different functions, the western wall f259 probably was a sort of coating wall retaining the accumulations from the west and probably the waters flowing. The northern wall f288 can have the same function or perhaps working as retaining wall for a possible Chalcolithic terrace. We know that there was erosion and much water coming from west that caused the break f344 in wall f259. The northern wall was in part cut in ED III period, but because to the east it is very poorly preserved (just a row of stones) probably was already broken in antiquity for some reasons. Unfortunately for now it is impossible to check the kind of accumulations to the north of wall f288, both behind the preserved and the eroded portion, to see eventually the differences in features typology. Another question regards to its construction, because it seems that at the bottom the two walls, and most of all f259, have very big and almost squared stones, quite different from the upper rows. It could be linked to the fact that they belong to the foundations or they could show two different construction periods. [Input file: T815LC.J / T815LC.-J]
2009-9-11lC At the end of the excavation period we were able to check that the northern stone wall f288 is not continuing to the west. Instead is continuing to the north and we can't exclude that the wall f259 is continuing to the south. With the information gained so far it seems plausible a function for this structure similar to the ED III revetment wall, in a general organization of a such big area with sacral function. Moreover in the small sounding k130 we reached the bottom of the wall f288 and we didn't find anything similar to floors or pavements, indicating perhaps that we are in a open air area, even if it can't be excluded that some sort of pavement could be little deeper and sloping toward south. Even if it was an outer space we expect to find some sort of surface linked with this structure. [Input file: T831LC.J / T831LC.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2009-8-15lC k127 [Input file: T901LC.J / T901LC.-J]
Relays 2009-8-30aAJ 1325 (40887 46954 - 8619 / Relay location: 1) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1326 (40876 46954 - 8611 / Relay location: 2) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1327 (40952 47013 - 8629 / Relay location: 3) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1328 (41044 47050 - 8667 / Relay location: 4) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1329 (41110 47079 - 8673 / Relay location: 5) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1330 (41238 47159 - 8663 / Relay location: 6) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1331 (41210 47277 - 8658 / Relay location: 7) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1332 (41170 47324 - 8602 / Relay location: 8) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1333 (41139 47377 - 8568 / Relay location: 9) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1334 (41063 47506 - 8499 / Relay location: 10) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1335 (41094 47516 - 8500 / Relay location: 11) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1336 (41237 47303 - 8645 / Relay location: 12) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1337 (41280 47120 - 8658 / Relay location: 13) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1338 (41166 47063 - 8621 / Relay location: 14) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1339 (41050 46998 - 8651 / Relay location: 15) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1340 (40887 47027 - 8513 / Relay location: 16) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1341 (41221 47183 - 8520 / Relay location: 17) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]
2009-8-30aAJ 1342 (41170 47290 - 8525 / Relay location: 18) [Input file: T901LC2R.J / T901LC2R.-J]

Spatial aggregation
Feature within aggregate 2009-8-13lC f259 [Input file: T815LC.J / T815LC.-J]
2009-8-13lC f288 [Input file: T815LC.J / T815LC.-J]

Time sequencing
Other reasons 2012-10-15lC first assigned to late Chalcolithic on the base of the few sherds found at the bottom of it, then has been suggested a Ninevite 5 date, on the basis of stratigraphic relationship with the nearby units. Following a conservative intepretation we assign it to phase 3f-JPD, waiting for new excavation for a final assignement. For a more detailed discussion see topic j01/texts/A2/topics/VZ30lc.htm">"LC or Ninevite structure?" [Input file: V928LC.J / V928LC.-J]

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