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Category 2009-8-1!! build-up [Input file: T812MM3.J / T812MM3.-J]
Definition 2009-8-1lC accumulation C [Input file: T812MM3.J / T812MM3.-J]
Summary 2009-9-11lC One of the first accumulation below the filling of the second escarpment. This accumulation seems going under f309 to the north, so it is clearly earlier than the first escarpment. The pottery still shows a mix between ED III and LC sherds. Probably this let us interpret this feature as belonging to the period immediately before the construction of the early escarpment, when the ED III people cut and moved the earlier accumulations and levels in order to prepare for the construction of the temple terrace, with the escarpment and the revetment wall. [Input file: T831LC.J / T831LC.-J]
Best image 2009-9-15 lC


Description 2009-8-17lC Soft accumulation of brown to orange soil. It shows some orange mud brick fragments and some pebbles. It isn't homogeneous, with some ashy patches. It could be the first Late Chalcolithic level below the ED III cut and filling to the north next to wall f288. [Input file: T815LC.J / T815LC.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2009-8-1lC k127 [Input file: T812MM3.J / T812MM3.-J]
Elevation 2009-8-1lC 8535 @bottom [Input file: T812MM3.J / T812MM3.-J]
2009-8-1lC 8559 @top [Input file: T812MM3.J / T812MM3.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Latest events 2009-8-22lC f296 (fi) covers f329 [Input file: T822LC2.J / T822LC2.-J]
Type of contact: Contemporary events/Movable items 2009-8-12aGA i74 (slingball) sits in f329 [Input file: T901LC2.J / T901LC2.-J]
2009-8-12aGA q1287 sits in f329 [Input file: T812MM.J / T812MM.-J]
Type of contact: Earliest events 2009-8-22lC f329 covers f347 (accumulation D) [Input file: T822LC.J / T822LC.-J]
2009-8-22lC f329 abuts f288 (wall) [Input file: T822LC.J / T822LC.-J]
2009-8-22lC f329 abuts f349 (collapse) [Input file: T822LC.J / T822LC.-J]
Inclusions 08-26-2016 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2011-2-10lC s651J1A [Input file: V211LC.J / V211LC.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2011-2-10lC h3mJ1A [Input file: V211LC.J / V211LC.-J]
Typological reasons 2009-9-24mKB (q 1287) ED III types: - p23 square rimmed deep bowl, Rc ware with buff-green slip, - p2 large base with exterior ledge, bottom rough with chaff marks, ware is gray buff with light buff-green slip, chaff, calcite and sand temper, made probably with a coil method with coil marks visible on the interior of the base, it is also possible that these marks are the result of production on a slow wheel, the exterior portion of the base has been cut with a sharp tool and is slightly undulating, 4 examples of this type base in J6 f200, - p17 jar with folded over rim and interior groove, - p24 slightly concave green bowl base with wheelmarks on lower body wall in FC ware, - p4, - p3 green flat base with wheel marks, - p8, - p9 conical cup with simple rim, light green buff, date unknown but may be LC2: - p10 round sided bowl with slight carination near the top, gray-brown ware with burnished exterior, similar shape found in LC2 but on a larger bowl and in a different ware, - p11 bowl with beaded rim heavily secondarily fired, Ninevite V: - p1 pointed base, - p20 round sided bowl with thin beaded rim undercut below exterior, coarse: - p16 Coba bowl, - p14 round sided bowl, - p14 small red-brown simple rim bowl with carbon core, - p12 bowl with rim slanted toward the interior, carbon core, smoother on exterior than interior, tan-buff slip, - p19 restricted rim jar with well smoothed surfaces, tan, - p5 ring base of a bowl, orange buff slip on exterior only, slow wheel marks on the interior, no carbon core, "exploded" calcite on the interior and in section, - p25 convex base, green-buff, much sub-round chaff and calcite, fine LC3 shapes - p7 tiny bowl, orange-brown interior and red-buff exterior, burnished on interior and exterior, - p15 jar with sharply outturned neck, firing cloud, red-brown, much chaff for such a thin walled shape, calcite. [Input file: T927MKB.J / T927MKB.-J]
Other reasons 2009-9-24mKB mixed Phase 3s, 3h and 2h [Input file: T927MKB.J / T927MKB.-J]

Ware/Material 2009-8-1lC ~soil [Input file: T812MM3.J / T812MM3.-J]
Color definition 2009-8-1lC dark brown [Input file: T812MM3.J / T812MM3.-J]
Color number 2009-8-1lC 7.5YR 4/4 [Input file: T812MM3.J / T812MM3.-J]
Hardness 2009-8-1lC 4.5 [Input file: T812MM3.J / T812MM3.-J]

Analogical record
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Storage 2009-8-1lC T812 [Input file: T812MM3.J / T812MM3.-J]