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Staff for unit J1

September 2009 - Lorenzo Crescioli
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     You will find below a list of the individuals directly involved in the excavations of unit J1, of those who served in a supporting role, and of those involved in the analysis of the finds. You will find elsewhere some general comments on the significance of team work in our project, on the nature of the tasks reflected in the titles we use, and on the importance we lay on the identification of authorship.
     If no year is indicated, then that person's tenure was for all the seasons of excavation in J1.

Overall direction of excavations
Director, stratigraphy and publication      Giorgio Buccellati
Director, typology      Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati
Field Director      Federico Alessandro Buccellati (2009)
Assistant directors of excavations      Federico Alessandro Buccellati (2005-8)
     Jamal Omar (2005-6)

Unit staff
Unit directors Sophie Bonetti (2003)
Lorenzo Crescioli (2009)
Rasha el-Endari (2008)
Mary Stancavage (2005-6, 2007)
Carmen Valdes Pereiro (2005-6)

Associate unit director Rasha el-Endari (2009)

Unit associates
Dennis Cecchin (2003)
Daniela Crasso (2006)
Lorenzo Crescioli (2007)
Jean Evans (2005)
Massimo Maiocchi (2008-9)
Valentina Santi (2005)

Unit assistants Adam Anderson (2009)
Patrizia Camatta (2005)
Caitlin Chaves (2007)
Lorenzo Crescioli (2006)
Ani Eblighatian (2008)
Sarah Graff (2007)
Marta Lorenzon (2006)
Massimo Maiocchi (2008)
Lilyann Williams (2008)

Excavators      Abd al-Rahman Hassan (2009-9)
     Sa'ud Ibrahim (2008-9)
     Masoom Hassan (2008-9)

Sitewide support staff
Surveying Barbara Pritzkat (2003-2008)
Hans Barnard (2008)
Juliane Groischke (2009)
Adib Juma (2009)

Photography Giuseppe Gallacci (2003, 2005)
Jeff J. Jarmakani (2005)
Diadin Mustafa (2005-9)

Photographic Registrar William Orrange (2005-9)
Adib Juma (2009)

Drafting Sabrina Drosz (2009)
Ismail Mesto (2005-9)
Fonda Portales (2009)

Conservation Beatrice Angeli (2003, 2005-8)
Beatrice Landini (2006)
Marta Lorenzon (2006)

Object curation Caterina Coccia (2006)

File maintenance Kamiran Feisal
Ibrahim Khellu