Unit Book J1


Processed on 2023-12-09


Roster Date Author Record
Best image 2010-08-07 lC [Input: U807LC1.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2006-08-16 cvp excavation unit, that is going to be the E corner of the “amphitheatre”, that is why we are just digging the NW triangle. [Input: Q812CVP.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2006-08-16 cvp In order for the staff to draw the sections of k2 we put the workers to dig in this locus. They dig basically the topsoil. Then we stop and wait until they finish the first step of k2. [Input: Q812CVP.j]
2006-08-21 cvp We come back to this locus again, excavating now the accumulation under topsoil, f205. [Input: Q817CVP.j]
2006-08-28 mS Finished getting down to 9000 along the perimeter. We drew and photographed the north section and will begin removing the north baulk tomorrow. [Input: Q824MS.j]
2006-08-29 mS Finished removing the north baulk. [Input: Q824MS.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 2006-08-16 mL f201 (topsoil) [Input: QX06MS2.j]
2006-08-21 lC f205 (accumulation D) [Input: QX06MS2.j]
2005-08-28 vS i26 (figurine) [Input: QX01MS.j]
2005-08-09 pC q341.1 (lithic artifact), q347.1 (lithic artifact) [Input: P814JE4.j]
2005-08-13 pC q367.3 (wheel) [Input: P815JE2.j]
2005-08-14 pC q377.1 (figurine), q383.1 (figurine) [Input: P815JE2.j]
2005-08-17 pC q406.1 (ta-o) [Input: U812MM.j]
2005-08-24 pC q462.1 (figurine) [Input: U812MM.j]
2005-08-31 pC q505.2 (laf), q507.2 (wheel) [Input: U812MM.j]
2005-09-01 pC q516.1 (laf) [Input: U812MM.j]
2005-09-03 pC q529.1 (bead) [Input: U812MM.j]
2005-09-06 pC q542.1 (blade) [Input: U812MM.j]
2006-08-14 mL q559.2 (kiln waste) [Input: QX04LC.j]
2006-09-29 mL q895.4 (kiln waste), q896.1 (lithic artifact), q898.2 (lithic artifact) [Input: QX04LC2.j]
2009-07-25 mM q1222.1 (fl) [Input: T729MM2.j]
2009-07-28 mM q1230.7 (uncertain) [Input: T729MM2.j]
2009-08-08 lC q1273.3 (kiln waste) [Input: T812MM2.j]
2009-08-09 mM q1276.6 (blade) [Input: T812MM2.j]
2009-08-12 rE q1284.3 (uncertain) [Input: T812MM2.j]
2009-08-12 mM q1291.1 (kiln waste) [Input: T812MM2.j]
2009-08-15 mM q1303.2 (clay lump) [Input: T818MM.j]
2006-08-16 ml q568 (pottery) [Input: U817LC.j]
2006-08-21 lc q603 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: U817LC.j]
2006-08-22 lc q610 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: U817LC.j]
2006-08-23 ml q624 (pottery) [Input: Q903MS1.j]
2006-08-24 lc q635 (pottery) [Input: Q903MS1.j]
2006-08-26 ml q646 (pottery) [Input: Q903MS1.j]
2006-08-28 lh q663 (pottery) [Input: Q903MS1.j]
2006-08-29 ml q676 (bones, items, pottery), q678 (pottery) [Input: Q903MS1.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of locus

2006-08-16 cVP [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-17 cVP [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-28 mS [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-28 mS [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-28 mS [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-08-28 mS [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-09-19 mS [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-09-19 mS [Input: Q928LC1.j]

2006-10-08 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-11 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-11 mS [Input: R731MS.j]

2006-10-11 mS [Input: R731MS.j]