Unit Book J3


Processed on 2024-05-25


Roster Date Author Record
Category !! !! fill, dumping, collapse
Best definition 0000-00-00 jW fill [Input: QX06EI.j]
Summary 2012-10-07 jW Lower of two fills in k23 of pit a6. [Input: WX07JW1.j]
Best image 2008-03-07 jW
v98 [Input: S307JW1.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2006-10-09 jW The bottom one of two fills in pit a6 in k23. We were hoping that the contents would help identify the time period of its use or its function, but the fill was relativel clean and ambiguous. [Input: QX09JW.j]


Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Locus 0000-00-00 jW k23 [Input: QX06EI.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 2006-06-20 aA r647 (41614 48932 - 9233 / Relay location: W corner) [Input: Q820JW1R.j]
2006-06-20 aA r648 (41632 48985 - 9235 / Relay location: N corner) [Input: Q820JW1R.j]
2006-06-20 aA r649 (41563 48990 - 9237 / Relay location: E corner) [Input: Q820JW1R.j]
M#/elev @top 0000-00-00 jW 9239 [Input: QX06EI.j]
M#/elev @bottom 0000-00-00 jW 9233 [Input: QX06EI.j]

Contact Association

Roster Date Author Record
Type of contact: latest events 2006-10-04 jW f149 (fill) covers f153 (fill) [Input: QX04JW1.j]
Type of contact: earliest events 2006-10-04 jW f153 (fill) sits in f160 (pit cut) [Input: QX04JW1.j]

Spatial Aggregation

Roster Date Author Record
Aggregate (to which element belongs) 2006-09-19 jW a6 (pit aggregate) [Input: Q919JW1.j]

Time Sequencing

Roster Date Author Record
Stratum (to which element belongs) 2012-09-09 jW s190J3B [Input: W909JW.j]
Phase (to which element belongs) 2012-09-09 !! h7cJ3B [Input: W909JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f122 (fill) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f127 (fill) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f128 (pit cut) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f149 (fill) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f153 (fill) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f160 (pit cut) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f192 (isolated individual brick) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f215 (brick installation) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f258 (layer) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f269 (pit cut) [Input: WX07JW.j]
Strata (included within phase) 2012-10-07 jW s190J3B [Input: WX07JW.j]
Stratigraphic reasons of assignment 2012-10-07 jW Lower of two fills of pit a5 dug into the EDIII glacis. [Input: WX07JW.j]
Typological reasons for assignment 2012-10-07 jW No ceramics or items recovered. [Input: WX07JW.j]
Other reasons, reservations, qualifications 2012-10-07 jW The pit cut and fills have been assigned to the same early Mittani stratum under the assumption that the pit was cut and filled at about the same time. [Input: WX07JW.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Color 0000-00-00 jW light yellowish brown [Input: QX06EI.j]
Color number (Munsell) 0000-00-00 jW 10YR 6/4 [Input: QX06EI.j]
Texture, surface finish 0000-00-00 jW very soft [Input: QX06EI.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of features

2007-03-21 jW [Input: R321JW3.j]

2007-03-29 jW [Input: R329JW.j]


Roster Date Author Record
Removed (feature), discarded/missing (item) 0000-00-00 jW Q820 [Input: QX06EI.j]