Unit Book J3


Processed on 2024-05-25


Roster Date Author Record
Category !! !! buildup
Best definition 2006-08-23 eDB layer [Input: QX06EI.j]
Summary 2012-10-07 jW Thin layer of accumulation in k23 under f151 and above glacis f152. [Input: WX07JW1.j]
Best image 2007-03-21 !!
p23 [Input: R321JW3.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2006-10-09 jW A thin,brownish gray accumulation atop the wahal glacis, f152. There were three pits nearby and they could have been the source of ash to provide a gray tint to the soil of this feature as the glacis became covered with loess. [Input: QX09JW.j]


Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Locus 2006-08-23 eDB k23 [Input: QX06EI.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 2006-08-23 eDB r728 (41559 48613 - 9246 / Relay location: SW corner) [Input: Q824JW3R.j]
2006-08-23 eDB r729 (41448 49000 - 9242 / Relay location: SE corner) [Input: Q824JW3R.j]
2006-08-23 eDB r730 (41692 49087 - 9259 / Relay location: NE corner) [Input: Q824JW3R.j]
2006-08-23 eDB r731 (41815 48720 - 9266 / Relay location: NW corner) [Input: Q824JW3R.j]
M#/elev @top 2006-08-23 eDB 9249 [Input: QX06EI.j]
M#/elev @bottom 2006-08-23 eDB 9243 [Input: QX06EI.j]

Contact Association

Roster Date Author Record
Type of contact: latest events 2006-10-04 jW f150 (layer) overlays f180 (layer) [Input: QX04JW1.j]
2006-10-04 jW f151 (accumulation D) overlays f180 (layer) [Input: QX04JW1.j]
Type of contact: earliest events 2006-10-04 jW f180 (layer) covers f152 (glacis) [Input: QX04JW1.j]

Time Sequencing

Roster Date Author Record
Stratum (to which element belongs) 2012-09-09 jW s120bJ3B [Input: W909JW.j]
Phase (to which element belongs) 2012-08-26 !! f519 (isolated stone) [Input: W826JW.j]
2012-08-26 !! f525 (isolated stone) [Input: W826JW.j]
2012-08-26 !! f526 (stone installation) [Input: W826JW.j]
2012-08-26 !! f527 (isolated stone) [Input: W826JW.j]
2012-08-26 !! f528 (isolated stone) [Input: W826JW.j]
2012-08-26 !! f533 (accumulation D) [Input: W826JW.j]
2012-08-26 !! f534 (accumulation D) [Input: W826JW.j]
2012-08-26 !! f553 (floor, type d) [Input: W826JW.j]
2012-08-26 !! f567 (isolated stone) [Input: W826JW.j]
2012-08-26 !! f574 (isolated stone) [Input: W826JW.j]
2012-09-09 !! h7vJ3B [Input: W909JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f119 (accumulation D) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f146 (accumulation D) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f154 (isolated stone) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f161 (isolated stone) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f180 (layer) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f184 (packing) [Input: WX07JW.j]
2012-10-07 !! f241 (glacis) [Input: WX07JW.j]
Strata (included within phase) 2012-10-07 jW s120bJ3B [Input: WX07JW.j]
Stratigraphic reasons of assignment 2012-10-07 jW Natural accumulation below layers f150 and f151 and atop floor f152. [Input: WX07JW.j]
Typological reasons for assignment 2012-10-07 jW No ceramic or items were recovered from this thin layer. [Input: WX07JW.j]
Other reasons, reservations, qualifications 2012-10-07 jW This accumulation can be reliably dated by its relationship to floor f152, which in turn is the northern extension of floor f123 [Input: WX07JW.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Color 2006-08-23 eDB light brownish gray [Input: QX06EI.j]
Color number (Munsell) 2006-08-23 eDB 10YR 6/2 [Input: QX06EI.j]
Hardness, compaction 2006-08-23 eDB 3.5 [Input: QX06EI.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of features

2007-03-21 jW [Input: R321JW3.j]
General notes on photos 2008-03-07 jW No photograph was taken to highlight this particular feature. It may appear as a faint trace in a section photograph, but we could not definitely identify it as such. [Input: S307JW.j]


Roster Date Author Record
Removed (feature), discarded/missing (item) 2006-08-23 eDB Q823 [Input: QX06EI.j]