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category !! !! other features [Input File: !!]
definition (typological label) 2010-9-27 jW rodent hole [Input File: Ux05jW.j]
summary 2012-10-07 jW Hole in k13 dug by a fox into wall f348. [Input File: Wx07jW1.j]

description (summary) 2010-10-07 jW Hole dug into wall, f348, by a fox after MZ23 excavations were completed. It is located near the NE corner of locus k110. [Input File: V206jW.j]

Volumetric Localization
m#/elev @top 2010-9-27 jW 9286 [Input File: Ux05jW.j]
m#/elev @bottom 2010-9-27 jW 9217 [Input File: Ux05jW.j]

Contact Association
type of contact: latest events 2012-4-14 jW f367 (rodent hole) intrudes f348 (wall) [Input File: W414jW.j]

Time Sequencing
stratum (to which element belongs) 2012-9-09 jW s10J3B [Input File: W909jW.j]
stratigraphic reasons of assignment 2012-10-07 jW A hole dug by a fox into wall, f348, on the last full day of excavation season MZ(2010-U). [Input File: Wx07jW.j]
phase (to which element belongs) 2012-9-09 jW h9pJ3B [Input File: W909jW.j]
strata (included within phase) 2012-10-07 jW s10J3B [Input File: Wx07jW.j]