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Processed on 4-20-2021
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Analogical Record
17-2-2021 / !!! / [Input File:J03_VWX.j]
photo of context (v view)
17-2-2021 / !!! / [Input File:J03_VWX.j]
view/drawing orientation 2006-9-12 bL looking north [Input File: Rx31jW.j]
text description of view 2006-9-12 bL This photgraph documents the mound fill exposed below the bottom of pit, a5. Note the red inclusions on the east (right) side, which are probably decayed bricks and the gray material on the west side (left), which contains ash. This supports the hypothesis that the material to build the mound came from a variety of sources. [Input File: Rx31jW.j]
constituents within view/drawing 2006-9-12 bL a5 f260 k13 [Input File: Rx31jW.j]