Unit Book J3

J3 Ceramic Assemblages


Laerke Recht – February 2017

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Assemblages have been put together for a variety of reasons: stratigraphic, typological, functional.

Since J3 turned out to be particularly important for the Late Chalcolithic period, the assemblages from J3 mainly focus on sherds from those early strata, along with LCH sherds found directly in Mittani features. Much of this material was also published in M. Kelly-Buccellati, “Mozan/Urkesh in the Late Chalcolithic Period” (2010), and an extensive typological catalog can be found in the Ceramics book under horizons. Label numbers for the J3 assemblages were assigned in February 2017 as none had previously been given.

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Sequential list by assemblage label

1 f34 LCH sherds in Mittani accumulation
2 f50 LCH and Mittani sherds
3 f57 LCH sherds
4 f58 LCH sherds
5 f31 LCH sherds
6 f71 LCH sherds
7 f173
8 f534
9 f539
10 f260 LCH sherds
11 various fs LCH sherds

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