J5-data processing

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Processed on 2022-09-11.

Date Author Record
2009-09-26 cJC The following problems are known to exist:
(1) If one lists a component of a feature in the "constituent label (cl)" column, the R program creates a "new" feature (ex: f349.I1) instead of putting the output data into the home feature (ex: f349).
(2) The JD program does not accept the view log (drawing log and plot log also) entry "gn#" for views containing negatives.
(3) The code "P1" does not work as a separate entry to supplement the feature log. Instead of whatever I write after P1, I get the previous line from the UGR repeated (e.g. J2q896.1). I also tried P01 and that did not work either.
(4) If I use the roster code "nc" to enter notes on contact, it goes into the UGR as "north coordinate." [Input file: T927JW.j]
2009-09-27 jW The following problems are known to exist:
(1)The JD program does not process view, drawing, and plot logs entries for specific labels (i.e. g^wall1).

(2) Although they run as separate files, the JD program does not process the following types of J files in the batch mode:
(a) Best photo containing view numbers for specific labels (i.e.. J5 T915jW.-j)
(b) Strata Log (i.e. J5 T902jW.-j).
(c) Strata Rationale entries (i.e. J5 T903jW.j).

(3) Text entries do not process properly (i.e. J3 R824jW1.j-, J3 R824jW2.j, J3 R726jW.j-)

(4) When the "S" program output file is processed by the JD program, its output (strata and phase) for q-p is placed in the QI folder not the QP folder (i.e. J5 S-CUMUL.-J-).

(5) The JD program does not process nested specific labels.

(6) The JD program does not process assemblage files (i.e. J5 T405jW.j-).

(7) The JD program has a limit of 400 input files. J5 already has more than that.

(8) In her .J files mKB uses several pottery codes from a new list provided to her by gB (e.g. K81) that are not recognized by the current JD program. We have had to change the codes to existing ones (e.g. K91) to get the data into the UGR (i.e. J5 T914aC.-j).

(9) Text links between books does not work (e.g. J1f296 in a J5 entry).

(10) A link within text to a specific label does not work (e.g. ^wall1).

(11) When a view is open and one clicks on a thumbnail for other related views (photos), nothing is linked to it. The thumbnails are linked to a file in the unit book which does not exist. (The photos are in V22/G/LoRes, while the views are in J05/D/V.) [Input file: T927JW.j]