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Category 2008-8-27!! unknown [Input file: S827CJC.J / S827CJC.-J]
Definition 2008-8-27cJC ~human bone [Input file: S827CJC.J / S827CJC.-J]
Summary 2010-8-10cJC This feature is the human skull of a child. It appears to be part of the brickfall and not a burial. Another human skull ( i3) was found in the same locus and lR says that there are also human bones in the bone lots although they were not relayed individually. It is likely that the brickfall came from structures associated with burials. [Input file: U810CJC.J / U810CJC.-J]

Description 2008-8-26lR almost complete frontal bone (cranium) of a subadult, right side fractured with right eye orbit missing. Bone was consolidated in the field using diluted wood glued which was removed in the lab using a mixture of alcohol, acetone, and water. Frontal bone has strange discolorations, ochre blotches mostly on the outer table possibly from surrounding soil matrix? [Input file: U913CJC.J / U913CJC.-J]
2008-8-27cJC Fragment of a human skull. This skull was found near a tannur ( q67.5). It sits in the brickfall layer of k5. [Input file: S827CJC.J / S827CJC.-J]

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Strategy 2010-8-10cJC These bones were sent to lR for further analysis but were badly damaged. [Input file: U810CJC.J / U810CJC.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2010-8-10cJC k5 [Input file: U810CJC.J / U810CJC.-J]
Relays 2008-8-27hB 44 (38423 50706 - 8844 / Relay location: point) [Input file: S826CJCR.J / S826CJCR.-J]
D99.NVolmtrc 2010-8-10cJC The relay for this feature is r44 [Input file: U810CJC.J / U810CJC.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of view



Notes on disposition 2010-8-10cJC This item was sent to the human bone lab for further analysis. Only one of the three human skulls found in J7 was analyzed. See i3 for further descriptions. [Input file: U810CJC.J / U810CJC.-J]