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Category 2008-9-15!! clay artifacts [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]
Definition 2008-9-15hQ figurine [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]
Best image
Best Image 2010-10-21cjc
L_V21d9522 J7q51.3 S922 dM f42.jpg

Description 2010-8-18yM its an animal figurine, the neck is still visible but the head is missing as are the two legs. the other two legs are broken but still visible. the tale is also broken. this figurine has male genitals. the body is very well proportioned. on the back side there are stripes incised on the body, one that goes along the spinal cord, and others that starts from that central stripe all the way to the middle of the body in an oblique angle. [Input file: U818YM.J / U818YM.-J]

Field Record
Field: definition 2008-8-20cJC fg [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
Field: height 2008-8-20cJC 2 [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
Field: length 2008-8-20cJC 3.5 [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
Field: width 1 2008-8-20cJC 6.5 [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
Field: ware/material 2008-8-20cJC cl [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
Field: color 2008-8-20cJC brown [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
Field: notes 2008-8-20cJC body of an animal figurine [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2006-8-25!! s160JPD [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2006-8-25!! h7jJPD [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]

Height 2008-9-15hQ 4 [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]
Length 2008-9-15hQ 6.3 [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]
Top width 2008-9-15hQ 2.2 [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]

Ware/Material 2008-9-15hQ ~CL [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]
Color definition 2008-9-15hQ pale olive [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]
Color number 2008-9-15hQ 5y 6/3 [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]
Condition 2008-9-15hQ broken [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of constituent


S922 dM


S922 dM


S922 dM