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Category 2008-8-24!! unknown [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
Definition 2008-8-24cJC ~cylinder seal [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
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Best Image 2014-2-18cjc
L_V21d7511 J7q56.6 S823 dM se.jpg

Description 2008-8-24cJC Cylinder seal made from clay. May be a template for a stone cutter or it may be a sort of temporary seal not designed for many uses. The scene is incised in the clay. There appear to be four main elements in the scene. There are 3 figures and a tree. To the right of the tree is what appears to be a figure seated on a chair or box facing the right, away from the tree. This figure's arm is held out toward the right. There is nothing clearly visible in the hand. Moving to the right the next section is badly damaged. The next visible element is another figure, this time facing left toward the seated figure. This figure is standing with his/her arm reaching toward the seated figure. He/She appears to be wearing a hat or headress. Just to the left of the tree is the last element, another standing figure. This figure is facing the tree. This portion is not well-preserved but an armin reaching up in front of th etree is visible. The seal is damaged and very fragile. It will be sent to conservation to be cleaned and then it may be rolled to see the scene better. There is a small fragment broken off from the bottom. [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]

Field Record
Field: definition 2008-8-23cJC cs [Input file: S826CJC.J / S826CJC.-J]
Field: ware/material 2008-8-23cJC cl [Input file: S826CJC.J / S826CJC.-J]
Field: color 2008-8-23cJC pale brown [Input file: S826CJC.J / S826CJC.-J]
Field: notes 2008-8-23cJC cylinder seal with scene of three figures [Input file: S826CJC.J / S826CJC.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Earliest events 2008-9-14mKB qi005606 sits in f900 (mixed features) [Input file: S914MKB.J / S914MKB.-J]

Time sequencing
I99.NTime 2008-9-14mKB Post Imperial Akkadian period [Input file: S914MKB.J / S914MKB.-J]

Height 2008-8-24cJC 2.38 [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
2008-9-14mKB 2.3 [Input file: S914MKB.J / S914MKB.-J]
Top width 2008-8-24cJC 1.46 [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
2008-9-14mKB 1.5 [Input file: S914MKB.J / S914MKB.-J]
Mid width 2008-8-24cJC 0.4 [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]

Ware/Material 2008-8-24cJC ~CL [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
2008-9-14mKB ~WHITE PASTE? [Input file: S914MKB.J / S914MKB.-J]
Color definition 2008-8-24cJC very pale brown [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
2008-9-14mKB pinkish buff [Input file: S914MKB.J / S914MKB.-J]
Color number 2008-8-24cJC 10YR 8/3 [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
Condition 2008-8-24cJC damaged [Input file: S824CJC.J / S824CJC.-J]
2008-9-14mKB many cracks, portion of lower part of seal missing [Input file: S914MKB.J / S914MKB.-J]
Iconographic Description 2008-9-14mKB Worship scene with seated deity facing left with a tree and another deity standing behind him. A third deity stands in front of him. A single case inscription box is placed between the two minor deities but it contains only lines, no cuneiform signs. The main deity is seated on a 6-compartmented stool and is wearing a long garment with a vertically pleated skirt but the upper portion is unclear. Except for the horned crowns the garments of the two minor deities are unclear. The deity standing in front of the seated deity may be holding a bowl out of which comes a curving stream which resembles the motif found in a tupkish seal and also the seal of Ishar-kinum. A short tree fills the space between the back of the seated deity and the minor deity standing behind. [Input file: S914MKB.J / S914MKB.-J]
Style 2008-9-14mKB typical style of the Post Imperial Akkadian period with triangular exterior lines describing the profiles, strongly linear bodies with long linear outstretched arms, pointed crescent shaped hands. For all three figures there is a single line from the top of their head to their feet; this is not usually the way figures are carved in this period and may be due to requirements of working with this material. [Input file: S914MKB.J / S914MKB.-J]

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S823 dM
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