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Reference To Qlot q66

Category 2008-9-15!! unknown [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]
2010-8-25!! unknown [Input file: U825YM.J / U825YM.-J]
2010-8-25yM stone artifacts [Input file: U825YM.J / U825YM.-J]
Definition 2008-9-15hQ unknown [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]
2010-8-25yM unknown [Input file: U825YM.J / U825YM.-J]
Best image
Best Image 2010-10-21cjc
L_V21d7583 J7q66.3 S923 dM f49.jpg

Description 2010-8-25yM It's a round shaped lithic artifact. due to the presence of a hole perforating the upper part of the artifact, I'm assuming that it's a weight, but thats just a presumption [Input file: U825YM.J / U825YM.-J]

Field Record
Field: definition 2008-8-25sH uk [Input file: S826CJC.J / S826CJC.-J]
Field: height 2008-8-25sH 5 [Input file: S826CJC.J / S826CJC.-J]
Field: length 2008-8-25sH 9 [Input file: S826CJC.J / S826CJC.-J]
Field: width 1 2008-8-25sH 7 [Input file: S826CJC.J / S826CJC.-J]
Field: ware/material 2008-8-25sH li [Input file: S826CJC.J / S826CJC.-J]
Field: color 2008-8-25sH brown [Input file: S826CJC.J / S826CJC.-J]
Field: notes 2008-8-25sH Stone with a hole [Input file: S826CJC.J / S826CJC.-J]

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2006-8-25!! s160JPD [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]
Phase to which stratum belongs 2006-8-25!! h7jJPD [Input file: S-CUMUL.J / S-CUMUL.-J]

Length 2010-8-25yM 8 [Input file: U825YM.J / U825YM.-J]
Top width 2008-9-15hQ 5.5 [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]
2010-8-25yM 7 [Input file: U825YM.J / U825YM.-J]

Ware/Material 2008-9-15hQ ~LI [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]
2010-8-25yM ~LI [Input file: U825YM.J / U825YM.-J]
Color definition 2008-9-15hQ pinkish white [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]
2010-8-25yM light brown [Input file: U825YM.J / U825YM.-J]
Condition 2008-9-15hQ complete [Input file: S914HQ.J / S914HQ.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of constituent


S923 dM


S923 dM