The Plaza and the Temple Terrace
A scholarly narrative

May 2006 - G. Buccellati
The Great Temple Terrace at Urkesh and
the Lions of Tish-atal
   PDF version of an article to appear in Sudies in the History and Culture of Nuzi and the Hurrians.

What follows is a breakdown of the same article in HTML format.
Please note that this is a preliminary version only.

Framing the question      
The earlier history of the research and the research strategy in 2005.
Development and structural components     
A review of the construction phases and a description of the structural components of the Plaza and the Terrace.
Emplacement and deposition, with a review of phases and strata.
The revetment wall in J1 and J3      
A detailed analysis of the two soundings where the base and the top of the revetment wall have been exposed.
The monumental staircase in J2      
A detailed analysis of the staircase and of its component parts.

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