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horizon BC phase sub-phase stratum Temple Terrace and Plaza (JP-BT) Palace area (AA) other areas
Mesopotamia Mittani/Assyria
  8 Mozan     1 surface wash and erosion surface wash and erosion; road bulding in A17-A15  
2 sod layer, topsoil sod layer, topsoil  
3 disturbed upper layer disturbed upepr layer  
    4   removal of ancient stones, gully wash, laminations  
5   modern burials  
MA Adad-Nirari I 1307-1275 7 non- sacral      6 scattered occupation: tannurs (J2-3), pits (J3) scattered occupation: tannurs  
7 layers covering Terrace    
8 erosion of Terrace surface    
Early Middle Babylonian / Middle-Assyrian Tushratta 1365-1335 6 sacral 6b Terrace only 10 abandonment abandonment  
11 edge of Terrace marked by stones narrowing of service structures  
  a   collapse (A18)  
  b   accumulation within divided storehouses (A18)  
  c   repairing partitioning  
Šuttarna II ~ 1380 12 sec.apron and blocking of staircase contraction of Plaza: service structures & retaining wall BH houses ?
  a   [abandonment ?] A9 surface ?
  b   later accumulations within s12c  
  c   structural buildup of A18 storehouse (walls, first floors) and of room with burnt basin in A17  
  d   north-south retaining wall  
Sauštatar ~ 1450 (or ~ 1420 ?) 6a Terrace with wall and straircase 13 upper part of accumulations against wall (missing) houses to the west  
  a   [collapse and erosion of houses?]  
  b   [accumulation within houses]  
  large extramural dumps to the east (A17-A18)  
  c   extramural stone pavement to the east  
  d   [structural buildup of houses: wallsand first floors]  
Parattarna ~ 1500 14 lower part of accumulations against wall ?  
  a   re-use of phase 5 walls (A17)  
Table 1a
Strata sequence JPA correlated to strata sequence AAF (R201)  -- Phases 6-8