Unit Book A6

A6 Synthetic View / Typology / Built Environment

Structures in Unit A6

Amer Ahmad – July 2023

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The main structures found in A6 during the three main seasons of excavation belong to different periods.

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The walls of the service quarter of the palace

The most impressive structures of A6 belong to the northern section of the excavations where the kitchen is identified, the walls of the kitchen show two periods of occupation in the palace, the first and the oldest belong to the Akkadian period the end of the 3rd millennium BC, the walls that form the configuration of the kitchen of the 3rd millennium BC are well preserved and shows two phases of building, stone foundation and mudbrick laid on top, and are indicated by several features that form a100, the D2 (Iwan) and a1 the Closet. In addition, the presence of stepped thresholds throughout the building suggests that it was internally terraced already in the 3rd millennium such as a4. The proofs of the period of Non-residential are attested through the stage of abandonment of the palace as a political and administrative building, here should be referred to an example of the brick wall such as f44 which was rebuilt over the oldest one.

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