Unit Book A6


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Roster Date Author Record
Equals other label 1992-07-04 rK ASk217 [Input: C7-1-D.J]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 1992-07-16 GB we have not hit brick at an elevation lower than wall f16, so we may be in the doorway, and the bricks in the EW section we have left in the middle of the square may be the threshold. We will triangulate and then remove the tannur f38, then remove the SE quadrant with the big pick. We are labeling the accumulation below f45 with a different number, f54, because it seems different in color and texture. [Input: C7-3.J]
1992-07-28 rK square E of k167 [Input: ZH306lC3.j]
1996-07-03 rk The Islamic burial bones that remained in a11 were all removed. The secondary (2nd Mill?) brick wall extends into the E baulk. We are not yet at the E border of the square down to the level of the top of the brick wall, f44. Any courses of brick removed farther along E during the previous season belonged to the secondary wall. [Input: G705RK.J]
1996-07-10 rK Our aim has been to expose the top surface of the wall below and east of the pedestal. At the present all of the E surface is not visible. However, elevation on either side of the pedestal over the wall f44 is identical. See relays 144,145. I.e, there is still accumulation left over the brick layer of the wall on the E (we are not expecting a doorway here). [Input: G716RK.J]
1996-07-29 rK A black band approx. 50 cm above the top of f78. [Input: G806RK.J]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 1992-07-04 rK more soil removed today, more 30cm across. The locus was cut as a step, at 2 levels. [Input: C7-1-D.J]
1992-07-21 RK we have not yet been able to dig down in the E 1/2 of the locus to the level of f16. Oher features that intervene (like burials), the hardness of the accumulation and the narrowness of the area being dug because of the steps being left have limited the pace of dirt removal. [Input: C7-3.J]
1996-07-22 rK Observed cut on E section reaching down to burial f64 excavated from the E border at the end of MZ7. A very vertical cut whose bottom is very square. It reaches down 220 cm to the bottom of the cut from about 120 cm below the top of the sod layer. [Input: G801RK.J]
Strategy (projected or implemented) 1996-07-08 jO The remainder of f112 will be removed until we reach the top of wall f44. Then we will quickly remove the W part of the pedestal over f44 that has been left for purposes of documentation and section during the present excavation season. [Input: G716RK.J]
1996-07-10 jO four workmen will dig f118 carefully until they reach the top of the brick wall (f78). They will be divided into 2 groups: one will dig on the N side of. the locus and the other on the S side. Sherds etc. will be collected as separate lots from each side. [Input: G718RK.J]
1996-07-10 rK Hammadi will clear the ac to the S & E of the wall. Ahmad Kher will follow the wall boundary along the N. [Input: G716RK.J]
1996-07-13 jo f140, the accumulation N of the wall f44 will be removed to clear the N face of the wall. [Input: G812RK.J]
Procedures 1992-07-26 RK we used dirt from the excavations on C726 as backfill to cover the E 1/2 of the square. Plastic covered all excavated surfaces below/beside backfill. A wall of sorts was built on the S side with broken bricks and clods in order have the backfill present as vertical a face at this time as possible. [Input: C7-3.J]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 1996-07-03 jO a11 (burial) [Input: ZH306lC.j]
1992-07-04 rK f13 (topsoil) [Input: ZG924aMA.j]
1992-07-06 rK f23 (accumulation C) [Input: ZG924aMA.j]
1992-07-07 rK f25 (br) [Input: ZG924aMA.j]
1992-07-12 rK f39 (br) [Input: ZG924aMA.j]
1992-07-13 rK f44 (wa), f45 (accumulation C) [Input: ZG924aMA.j]
1992-07-14 rK f50 (wa) [Input: ZG924aMA.j]
1992-07-16 rK f54 (accumulation C) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1992-07-18 rK f56 (pit) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1992-07-20 rK f64 (br), f65 (bowl) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1992-07-21 rK f70 (br) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1992-07-26 rK f78 (brickwall), f79 (brickwall) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-03 rK f103 (layer), f105 (layer) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-04 rK f106 (layer), f107 (layer) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-04 jO f112 (layer), f118 (layer) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-10 jO f127 (accumulation C) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-10 rK f129 (accumulation C) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-14 jO f140 (accumulation C), f141 (pit) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-23 rK f178 (pedestal) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-13 rK i73 (clay artifact), i74 (lithic artifact), i75 (t?) [Input: ZGx25aMA.j]
1996-07-09 jO q315.1 (i) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-03 rK q327.1 (i), q328.1 (i) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-04 jO q351.1 (i) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-09 jO q361.1 (i), q372.1 (pot) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-07 jO q375.1 (i), q375.2 (i) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-08 jO q384.1 [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-10 jO q388.1 (i), q395.1 (i) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1992-07-04 rK q1 (pottery), q8 (items, pottery), q10 (pottery), q12 (pottery), q14 (pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-05 sT q17 (pottery), q22 (items, pottery), q24 (pottery), q26 (items), q27 (pottery), q31 (pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-05 rK q33 (items, pottery), q35 (pottery), q38 (pottery), q40 (pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-06 rK q41 (pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-06 aP q49 (pottery), q51 (pottery), q57 (items, pottery), q64 (bones, items, pottery), q67 (pottery), q69 (items, pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-07 rK q72 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-07 aP q78 (pottery), q85 (pottery), q87 (items, pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-08 aP q91 (items, pottery), q101 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-09 aP q103 (bones, pottery), q113 (pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-11 rk q118 (bones, items, pottery), q119 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-13 rk q125 (bones, pottery), q126 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-14 rk q135 (bones, items, pottery), q138 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-15 rk q145 (bones, pottery), q146 (bones, pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-16 rk q158 (items, pottery), q159 (bones, pottery), q162 (pottery), q163 (pottery), q164 (pottery), q165 (pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-18 rk q175 (bones, items, pottery), q176 (pottery), q177 (pottery), q179 (bones, pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-19 rk q182 (bones, pottery), q183 (pottery), q194 (pottery), q202 (bones, pottery), q203 (bones, pottery), q205 (bones, pottery), q206 (pottery), q207 (items), q208 (bones, pottery), q209 (bones) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-14 rk q213 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-21 rk q214 (pottery), q215 (bones, pottery), q236 (items, pottery), q238 (bones) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-21 rK q239 (items) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-22 rk q249 (items, pottery), q250 (pottery), q251 (pottery), q254 (bones), q255 (pottery), q259 (items), q260 (items) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-23 rk q261 (bones, pottery), q267 (bones), q268 (pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-23 rK q269 (pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-23 rk q270 (items, pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-26 rk q274 (pottery), q275 (pottery), q276 (bones, items, pottery), q278 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1996-07-03 rK q314 (pottery), q315 (pottery), q316 (items), q323 (items), q331 (pottery), q332 (bones) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-04 jO q340 (pottery), q341 (bones), q342 (items), q343 (bones), q344 (items), q348 (items), q352 (pottery) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-06 jO q361 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-07 jO q372 (bones, items, pottery), q375 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-08 jM q379 (pottery), q384 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: G720JO.J]
1996-07-10 jo q388 (bones, items, pottery), q389 (bones, pottery), q392 (bones, items, pottery), q395 (pottery), q397 (bones, items, pottery), q401 (pottery) [Input: G720JO.J]
1996-07-13 jO q418 (bones, items, pottery), q427 (bones, pottery) [Input: G720JO.J]
1996-07-11 jo q430 (bones, pottery), q431 (bones, pottery) [Input: G720JO.J]
1996-07-14 jm q434 (bones, items, pottery), q440 (bones, pottery) [Input: G720JO.J]
1996-07-22 rK q529 (bones, pottery) [Input: G730RK.J]
1996-07-23 rK q530 (pottery), q539 (p,b,v), q540 (pottery) [Input: G730RK.J]
Length of two sides 1992-07-28 rK 400N [Input: ZH306lC3.j]
1992-07-28 rK 400W [Input: ZH306lC3.j]
Notes on volumetric localization 1992-07-26 RK at time of backfill the elevation of the flooralong the E baulk -- NE corner: m1242-300 -- SE corner: m1233-270 -- mid-NS: m1242-240. -- The following are the dimensions of the areas dug lower than the central step, f44: along S, 100 cm wide for the first 150 cm from E, 170 cm for the next 100 cm; along N, 80 cm for the first 150 cm from E, narrower thereafter. [Input: C7-3.J]
1992-07-28 GB top of step (on f44) at highest point: m1233-140; -- E pt. 70 cm from E baulk, -140 cm from sod layer [Input: C7-3.J]



Roster Date Author Record
Notes on measurement 1992-07-26 RK Section views of the N & E baulks have not been drawn. [Input: C7-3.J]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of locus
1992-07-04 rK [Input: ZH306lC2.j]
1992-07-04 rK [Input: ZH306lC2.j]
1992-07-07 AP [Input: ZH306lC2.j]
1992-07-12 RK [Input: ZH306lC2.j]
1992-07-18 RK [Input: ZH306lC2.j]
B3302-04 (E)
1992-07-20 RK [Input: ZH306lC2.j]
1992-07-21 RK [Input: ZH306lC2.j]
1992-07-21 RK [Input: ZH306lC2.j]
1992-07-21 RK [Input: ZH306lC2.j]
1996-07-13 rk [Input: G802JO.J]
1996-07-29 rk [Input: G802JO.J]