Unit Book A6


Processed on 2024-07-14


Roster Date Author Record
Equals other label 1992-07-04 rK ASk219 [Input: C7-1-D.J]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 1992-07-28 rK square S of k218 [Input: ZH306lC3.j]
1996-07-24 rK i117-119 all three turned out not to be sealed. [Input: G803RK.J]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 1992-07-11 rK Workmen excavated the floor to another 20 cm employing the large pick. A broken (old break) sealing was found in the turned over dirt at the time of removal. A brickwall that extends from the W corner of the locus and continues an an angle into the N baulk, toward E, is clearly identifiable. What seems to be another brickwall is seen at the SW corner. Because of the finding of the sealing, workers were instructed to proceed slower using the handpick. [Input: C7-3.J]
1996-07-30 rK The N and W baulks are being removed exposing the walls and doorways. In the doorway to the W, there is a buildup with bricks blocking the doorway. In k219-221 areas we are still above that level as of now. [Input: G806RK.J]
Strategy (projected or implemented) 1992-07-19 RK we are digging further in this square to define the walls f41,42 slightly better, as they appear to be continuation of f8 and f59 respectively. [Input: C7-3.J]
1996-08-08 jO We will dig a test probe in the corner of f41 and f199, 170 cm NS x 80 cm EW. [Input: G812RK.J]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 1992-07-04 rK f15 (topsoil) [Input: ZG924aMA.j]
1992-07-06 rK f22 (accumulation C) [Input: ZG924aMA.j]
1992-07-11 rK f35 (accumulation C) [Input: ZG924aMA.j]
1992-07-12 rK f40 (kiln), f41 (wa), f42 (wa), f43 (ashy soil) [Input: ZG924aMA.j]
1992-07-16 rK f53 (accumulation C) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1992-07-21 rK f66 (well) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-24 jO f149 (ash soil) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-24 rK f179 (accumulation C), f180 (topsoil), f181 (accumulation C), f182 (shaft), f183 (accumulation C) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-25 rK f184 (accumulation C), f186 (accumulation C), f188 (accumulation C) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-29 rK f193 (topsoil), f194 (wall), f195 (wall), f196 (wall), f197 (accumulation C) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-31 rK f204 (accumulation C), f205 (accumulation C) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-08-01 rK f206 (accumulation C) [Input: ZGx10aMA.j]
1996-07-31 jO f207 (isolated individual brick), f208 (accumulation C) [Input: G810JO.J]
1996-08-06 jo f223 (accumulation) [Input: G810JO.J]
1996-08-07 jo f224 (wall), f225 (accumulation), f226 (accumulation), f227 (accumulation), f228 (threshold), f229 (accumulation) [Input: G810JO.J]
1996-08-08 jo f230 (p2), f231 (accumulation C) [Input: G810JO.J]
1996-07-10 rK i57 (cl) [Input: ZGx25aMA.j]
1996-07-23 rK i117 (si), i118 (si), i119 (si) [Input: ZGx25aMA.j]
1996-07-25 rK i125 (si) [Input: ZGx25aMA.j]
1996-07-29 rK i135 (m) [Input: ZGx25aMA.j]
1996-08-01 jO i146 (fg), i147 (si) [Input: ZGx25aMA.j]
1996-08-04 jo i166 (fg) [Input: G810JO.J]
1996-08-06 jo i176 (bead) [Input: G810JO.J]
1996-08-07 jo i178 (si) [Input: G810JO.J]
1992-07-05 sT q20 (pottery), q29 (pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-05 rK q43 (pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-06 rK q45 (pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-06 aP q52 (items, pottery), q55 (pottery), q56 (items, pottery), q59 (pottery), q61 (bones, items, pottery), q62 (pottery), q63 (pottery), q68 (pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-07 rK q74 (bones, pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-07 aP q80 (items, pottery), q86 (items, pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-08 aP q97 (bones, items, pottery), q98 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-09 aP q104 (bones, pottery), q111 (pottery), q112 (pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-11 rk q120 (bones, items, pottery), q124 (bones, pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-13 rk q127 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-16 gP q157 (pottery) [Input: ZGx21aMA.j]
1992-07-19 rk q184 (bones, pottery), q200 (bones, pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1992-07-21 rk q231 (bones, pottery) [Input: MZ7QLOG.J]
1996-07-24 jO q545 (bones, pottery), q546 (bones, pottery), q547 (pottery), q549 (pottery), q550 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-25 jO q553 (bones, pottery), q556 (pottery), q557 (pottery), q559 (bones, pottery), q560 (pottery), q561 (pottery), q562 (pottery), q563 (items, pottery), q566 (bones, pottery) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-28 jO q574 (bones, pottery), q575 (pottery), q576 (pottery), q578 (pottery), q579 (items, pottery), q583 (pottery) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-29 jO q585 (items, pottery), q591 (pottery), q592 (pottery) [Input: ZGx18aMA.j]
1996-07-30 jo q593 (pottery), q594 (pottery), q598 (items, pottery), q600 (pottery) [Input: G802JO.J]
1996-07-31 jo q607 (bones, items, pottery), q608 (pottery), q610 (pottery), q612 (pottery), q613 (pottery) [Input: G802JO.J]
1996-08-01 jo q621 (pottery), q622 (items, pottery), q627 (pottery), q628 (pottery), q630 (pottery) [Input: G802JO.J]
1996-08-03 jO q637 (pottery), q638 (pottery), q639 (pottery), q641 (pottery), q642 (pottery), q643 (pottery) [Input: G811JO.J]
1996-08-04 jO q652 (bones, pottery), q653 (p,cl), q657 (pottery), q660 (pottery) [Input: G811JO.J]
1996-08-05 jO q666 (pottery), q667 (pottery), q669 (p,b,cl), q672 (pottery) [Input: G811JO.J]
1996-08-06 jO q679 (bones, pottery), q682 (p,cl), q683 (pottery) [Input: G811JO.J]
1996-08-07 jO q684 (pottery), q685 (bones, pottery), q686 (pottery), q687 (bones, pottery), q688 (pottery) [Input: G811JO.J]
1996-08-08 jO q689 (pottery), q690 (bones, pottery), q691 (bones, pottery), q692 (pottery) [Input: G811JO.J]
Relays (applicable to elements) 1996-08-10 fAB r900 (42001 35491 - 8295 / Relay location: SE crnr) [Input: G810FAB.J]
1996-08-10 rk r545 (42001 35491 - 8295 / Relay location: SE) [Input: G810RK.J]
1996-08-10 rk r546 (35491 - 42001 / Relay location: SE) [Input: G810RK.J]
1996-08-10 rk r547 (35691 - 42347 / Relay location: NE) [Input: G810RK.J]
1996-08-10 rk r548 (35344 - 42547 / Relay location: NW) [Input: G810RK.J]
1996-08-10 rk r549 (35144 - 42201 / Relay location: SW) [Input: G810RK.J]
Length of two sides 1992-07-28 rK 400N [Input: ZH306lC3.j]
1992-07-28 rK 400W [Input: ZH306lC3.j]
Notes on volumetric localization 1992-07-28 GB final elevations of floor, f35: m1240-165 (see note under m1240); m1235-183 [Input: C7-3.J]
1992-07-28 GB step at E extends 130 cm from E baulk [Input: C7-3.J]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of locus
1992-07-12 RK [Input: ZH306lC2.j]
1992-07-14 RK [Input: ZH306lC2.j]
1992-07-18 RK [Input: ZH306lC2.j]
1992-07-26 RK [Input: ZH306lC2.j]
1996-08-09 jO [Input: G810jO2.J]