Unit Book J7

General Introduction

Preface to Unit J7

Caitlin Chaves Yates – August 2010

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J7 at a glance

J7 is an excavation area in the JP area, south of the monumental temple terrace. The excavated remains belong to two main horizons; a large Mitanni brickfall and post-Mittanni natural accumulations.

J7 was excavated in July and August of 2008 with approximately 15 workmen. When the excavation was conceived the area of J7 was known to be part of the large plaza to the south of the temple terrace. Because the space was presumed to be free of structures, J7 was excavated quickly and with volumetrically defined features. The goal of J7 was to reach the level of the third millennium plaza so visitors could experience the view of the temple terrace from the same elevation as the ancients.

See Overview for a more complete introduction.

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J7 and the Urkesh Global Record

The initial J7 UGR was created by cJC during the field season of 2008. During the 2008 study season no work was done on J7 delaying the preparation of the UGR for publication. It is currently being compiled by cJC in 2010. The J7 record is less complex than some other books as it was excavated volumetrically and contains no structures or use areas.

An overview of the Urkesh Global Record is given elsewhere.

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