Unit Book J7

J7 Synthetic View / Introduction

Chronicle of work in Unit J7

Caitlin Chaves Yates – October 2012

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The J7 excavations were conducted entirely within one season, from July 28 until August 27, 2008. The righthand side of the record was almost completely finished in the following year but several years of follow-up work were done to produce the discursive analysis of the left-hand side.

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The 2008 season

Five loci (k1-k5) were laid out on a roughly north-south axis to the west of the large trench cut (k200) with the goal of widening the trench to walkway (Further discussion of goals here). All five loci were excavated down approximately 1 meter. At this point, we realized we would be unable to excavate all five loci down to the level of the third millennium. We made an oblique cut on the western side to make the excavated portion of each loci smaller. We then continued excavations through the brickfall and brickmelt layers that were encountered in only k3, k4, and k5. We stopped when we reached the levels that indicated the end of the brickfall. South of loci k1 we added a small modern cement block staircase (in the area of k100), to facilitate visitors entering the area to view the J2 staircase. We also opened loci k6, north of k5, to create a level surface across k3, k4, k5 and k6. Baulks were left between the loci to allow views to be taken showing the connections of the brickfall in J6 across to J7. While removing the baulks 3 human sub-adult skulls were identified and excavated.

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Follow-up work

In 2009 the J2 excavations were reopened and the portion of J7 closest to the monumental staircase and apron (loci k5) was excavated as part of J2 (see J2k111 and J2k5). In these excavations we were able to clarify the sequence of floors under the brickfall in the southernmost part of the Plaza.
In 2010, during at study season in Mozan, Caitlin Chaves Yates worked on harmonizing the record and Yasmine Mahmoud described many of the objects.
In 2011 and 2012 Caitlin continued to work on harmonizing the record and producing the left-hand side analysis.

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Future Work

Future excavations would focus on completing the removal of the brickfall in the southernmost loci, k1 and k2. This would open the whole trench area as a long walkway for viewing the monumental staircase in J2 as one approaches it from the southern end of the Plaza. Ideally, we would also be able to bring all of the loci down to the third millennium levels, as was the original goal of the excavations.

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